Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WHAT I BUY WEDNESDAY (and what I look for)


I really enjoy the treasure hunt of thrift store and yard sale shopping.  My children - not so much. 
BUT, my sister does :)  And she came to visit me for 2 weeks (-2 days).  We visited ten (yes, 10) D.I.s.  (D.I. is Deseret Industries, a local thrift store.) and 2 Savers (thrift store).  Ah.  Good times.

To make thrift store shopping successful, I keep a list (mental sometimes) of what I want/need/hope I find.  And also what others have asked me to look for. 
(For example, I need a purple blouse to match a skirt I have had for a year.  So everyday we went out I had to make sure the purple shirt that matches it was clean/ironed, so I could get the right colour purple.  Did not find one :(
I try to get rid of something when I bring something home.

I am always on the hunt for a certain pot/pan lid THAT I LOVE.  This lid has ridges that allow it to fit many different sizes of pans.  I have only ever found this one.

I love silicone for baking.  I did find a few new pieces.  I found a Kitchen Aid cupcake pan (that I already have several of) that I traded with another shopper for the Kitchen Aid bread pan (which I did not have :-)  I will make banana bread this week.

I bought my Easter outfit.  (under $10.00)  And several new pair of summer pajamas.

I buy books I want to read (and then usually give them back).  Be sure to check that they have no bad smells or water damage.  I bought 3 (which means I will get rid of 3).

I always WANT to buy the Hamilton Beach grill  that we use for panini's (I love the grids that remove for cleaning.), but since I have 2,  I do not.  (Try out all appliances.  Notice any weird electrical smells (or yucky oil or food left on it) and be sure there are no breaks in or sparks from the cord.)

I love making Kettle Corn  with a stove top popcorn popper .  They sell for about $25.00, so I buy them when I see them in good condition.  I did find one this week for my son in law.

We had TONS of fun playing "PIT", and wanted to find a "PIT" game for my nephew to take to BYUI.  In all of our thrift store shopping, we found-none.  We also did not find it at Walmart or Target.  hmmm.
I did buy 2 games to play with my grand kids (and will get rid of some toys not played with).   Be sure all the pieces are there, and instruction if you need them.   (Unless of course you let your 3 year old grandson buy "Mouse Trap" knowing there will probably be missing pieces, AND that the game will probably drive his mom (your daughter) crazy :-)

We really like the hand stir ice cream freezers that have a liner that you freeze before using.  I did find one of those :-)

As usual I do find some things I never would have guessed I wanted.  Like these fun red and white polka dot rubber rain boots.  I wore them to lunch on Tuesday, but for spring I have them inside my front door with my Mickey Mouse umbrella inside of one of them.  They caught my eye, and I knew they were mine.
There are other things that catch my eye.  Antique and vintage pieces.  For me or to resell (Found an old wooden spool.).
I love (and sometimes buy) cooking pieces, dishes, serving pieces, candles...
I also keep my eyes open for all the things others have asked me to look for. 
(And of course there are a few things I can not write about.  Then I would never find them :-)

To celebrate my 200th post I will have a "" drawing for my FOLLOWERS every week day next week.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of what I am doing and where I am going on Saturday.

I am visiting  A Thrifty Home for their Penny Pinching Party.  I love visiting her and seeing the fun ideas posted.  Thank you, A Thrifty Home.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Luckily the grandson is fine playing with just the mousetrap pieces and not the whole game!

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