Thursday, June 28, 2012


I love BBQ pork baby back ribs.
  We have our favourite place to get them, but a few months back I watched Todd Wilbur's Copy cat show and decided to try CHILI'S.  We decided to go there for our date this week.  I was extremely disappointed.  I ordered the Memphis dry rubbed ribs and Doug ordered the original sauce ribs.
  Mine were dry and with not much meat-or flavour.  Doug's were a bit better, but were still short on meat, sauce and flavour.
  I decided we needed to make a trip to American Fork to visit our rib place.  We love RIB CITY.  We highly recommend their ribs, and love the sauces on the table.
  RIB CITY is owned by Toni J.  She shared a Baby Back Rib recipe on a local t.v. show that I have made several times to great reviews.  I made them a few weeks ago (with some crock pot ribs) and they still had great reviews.

(from Toni J. owner of RIB CITY in American Fork, UT)

Spray a large (at least 9x13) pan.
Pour about 1 cup of water in the bottom of pan.  
Put in your racks of ribs and cover with your favourite sauce. (Ours is (still) Sweet Baby Ray's.)

Cover tightly with foil and
Bake at 350 * for 1 1/2 hours.
Remove from the oven and let rest 20 mins.  (THIS IS IMPORTANT.)

Preheat outdoor grill with all the burners.
Then turn to low and grill ribs about 20 mins.-turning often and brushing with BBQ sauce.
So good.
These ribs are not as tender as the crock pot ones, but the flavour is amazing.  Hard to beat that grilled flavour.
I will make both this recipe and the crock pot recipe.  The deciding factor will be time.
Sorry there are no pictures.  People were ready to eat.

I am not being compensated by anyone or anything (but I wish I was ;)
I usually buy my ribs at Target when they are on sale for $2.99 a pound.  They are usually meaty.  They are in a sealed bag, and I put them right in the freezer.
That is the price I like to pay and I usually budget about $10.00 a bag.
When I make ribs for Sunday dinner I make another main dish for non-rib eaters (sad, huh?).  Sometimes grilled fish or chicken... BUT I always let people know I am serving ribs.  They are a family favourite.
Let us know what you think if you try them. :)

UPDATE:  UGH!  No clue why there are white areas.  (The weird green is me trying to fix it.)

Friday, June 22, 2012


22 June, 2012

  I have been hesitant to post these recipes since I have no pictures.  It was Sunday dinner.  It was baby back ribs.  What can I say.  They were eagerly waited for and I was busy.
  Having said that, I tried 2 new baby back rib recipes and waited for reviews.  Both recipes received rave reviews.  For different reasons.
  This recipe is made in a crock pot and adapted from  I often use a crock pot lining bag, but did not use it for this recipe because of how the ribs are set up in the crock pot.
CROCK POT BABY BACK RIBS (There are 2 steps to this.) 
(barely adapted from mmmisformommy)
Step 1
Mix and rub onto ribs
1 1/2 table. paprika
1 table. brown sugar
1/8 tea. cayenne pepper
1 tea. salt
1 tea. pepper
Spray crock pot and put
about 2 pounds baby back ribs in as described
"Arrange ribs by standing them up against the side of the crock pot walls with THICKER SIDE DOWN and MEATY SIDE TO POT WALL. 
Pour over the top of the ribs
1 cup of Sweet Baby Ray's prepared BBQ sauce.  (Or your own personal favourite ;)

Cook on low 6-8 (7) hours.

Step 2
Line a cookie sheet with foil and put a rack in.  Put the meat on the rack. 
Brush the meat with more Sweet Baby Ray's.
Broil 3-4 minutes.
Turn the ribs over and brush with MORE sauce.  Broil about 9 minutes, basting 2 more times. 
(I was not ever compensated by SWEET BABY RAY'S.)

The reviews on this were great.  Everyone loved the "flavourful fall off the bones meat"  HUGE HIT.
(Sorry about no picture.)
I will post the other one next week, as well as a 4th Of July project, What I Buy Wednesday and a summer kids idea.
Have a great week-end :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just some random thoughts:

1 I am less likely to make a recipe that has the nutritional info. listed.  (Calories, fat...)  Are you?

2  I like blogs where the whole post is there.  I don't like surfing a blog, starting a post and then having to click to see more.  It makes it harder for me to really surf that blog.  (How do you feel about that?)

3  A few Sundays ago I found some "FUN DIP" that Logan had left at my house, and I tried it.  I LOVED IT.  When I was in 4th grade my friends and I would buy these giant SWEET TARTS.  (A bit bigger than a yo yo.)  We would eat them (grinding our teeth down the candy for powder or trying to bite off bites to suck) on our way to and from school.  We all had sores in our mouths and I don't remember caring. 
The FUN DIP was a fun memory.  (We ate ABBA ZABBAS, too)

4  I have made 3 new recipes in the last month or so that use coconut milk.  I did not think that coconut milk added anything.  You have (about) 1 more chance, coconut milk!

5  There is a Chevron at the corner of 13th East and 7755 South (in Sandy, UT) that has FREE air for tires. There is also a Texaco on 7th East and 9800 South (Sego Lily - also in Sandy, UT) that has FREE air.  I love gas stations that give you air for free.

6  I really do use PINTEREST.  I try to do at least 5 new things a week.  I looked at my Pinterest Halloween board and found that I had done 10% of my pins :)

7  I found my blog on a stranger's blog side bar.  That was fun. 

8  Although I have never bought a panini at IKEA, I did get a good idea from them.  They make the sandwich part of the panini ahead of time, and wrap it.  Then they just panini it when you are ready to serve it.  I think that is a really good idea.
I would love to hear some of YOUR random thoughts.

I will post some summer ideas we are doing later this week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


12 June, 2012

"Take the first step in faith.  You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
                                                                           Martin Luther King Jr.

Can I just reappear with no other explanation other than I have been busy?  (I know.  We all are :)

  A couple of months ago I was preparing for Summer and came up with an idea/activity.
Thru the years we have periodically changed BBQ sauces as we have tried new ones.  (Not too often.)  We really like the bottled sauce we use now.  SO, I decided to try a  BBQ sauce experiment as part of our big Sunday dinner.  (We also had my Uncle and Aunt in town that night on their way to the MTC.)
  I started by buying 5 BBQ sauces.  They were ones that we had used before, or another family member had used before or I had good things about.  I bought bottles that were about the same size, and all were the original flavour.  Then I "brown bagged" each sauce with a lunch bag and jute, and numbered them from 1-5.
  The activity was a hit.  Everyone tried, commented and voted :)
  These were the 5 that I bought.  (I listed them on a card in alphabetical order.) 
#1 Bull's Eye
#2 Famous Dave's
#3 KC Masterpiece
#4 Open Pit
#5 Sweet Baby Ray's

There were about 20 people for dinner that day.  When all was said and done, I was surprised by the results.  The one we use was by far the winner.  Her are our results.
#2  KC Masterpiece
#3  Bull's Eye (We used to use this.
#4  Open Pit
#5  Famous Dave's (My Aunt liked this one best, and this is what they use :)  We liked it the least.)

It was an easy and fun way to start the BIG BBQ season. 
We would love to hear which BBQ sauce you use.
Happy Grilling:)

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