Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I REALLY REALLY want to thank Allison from "Next 2 Nothing Crafts" for guest posting with a Give-A-way on my blog last week.  I enjoy seeing the projects she does.  Check her blog to see who will win her cute "SPRING" blocks.  (Will put the links in later.) 
Thank you, Allison.  I enjoyed having you visit and like the projects you share.

SUNDAY - Great dinner.  I made rice bowls ("Amazing Race" is in China.)  There is a lot of prep involved.  On Sat. I pre-seasoned and (partially) cooked the beef and chicken.  I cut the red peppers, onions, green onions, broccoli and yellow squash  On Sunday I added grated carrots, cut pea pods, mushrooms, bean sprouts, canned baby corn cobs, spinach, Jasmine rice, Jasmine brown rice , long noodles (O.K. thin spaghetti ;)  peanut butter, peanuts and sesame seeds.  I also made egg rolls.  (Very big hit.)

Not baked yet.

Everyone put their veggies in a bowl and brought it to me (at the stove).  I had 2 big frying pans going.
Next they chose their oil-sesame, peanut, hot chili sesame or canola.  As it starts to sizzle I toss in the veggies.  As they start to cook, I toss in the meat.  When everything is warm and ready, I add the chosen base (rice or noodles) and stir to heat.  the last choice is the sauce.  I had 8 choices tonight.  I usually buy "WORLD HARBORS" and "PANDA EXPRESS".   I buy them when they are on sale.  (I have a master sheet of everything we need for rice bowls.  I also make notes of the sauces people like. I put the master list under main dishes in one of my cook books.)
MONDAY - Teriyaki glazed salmon (soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and ginger-easy. Cook ugliest side up first, then turn over and add the rest of the glaze and finish baking.), sesame brown jasmine rice (stir fry left over rice in 1table. dark sesame oil, then sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.), tomatoes and cantaloupe.  (The rice side was re-purposed from Sunday.  I had a rice bowl with planned overs

TUESDAY - Sandwiches from VILLAGE BAKER.  (Our certificates that we got for cheaper than 1/2 price expire today.)
WEDNESDAY - I tried a new Taco pie type recipe.  It was barely o.k.  I am through picking recipes with intriguing ingredients.  UGH!  (One way to judge a recipe is if anyone will eat it for left overs.  Nope.)
THURSDAY - "White Chicken".  (My daughter in law named this crock pot dinner.)  This is a huge family favourite.  HUGE!  I will post the recipe in a couple of weeks.
FRIDAY - A frozen pizza for Pizza Friday.  Easy night :)  (Macey's grocery store had a special a few weeks ago.  1 frozen pizza, 2 litre of root beer and 1/2 gallon of ice cream for $5.00.  I used the root beer and ice cream for one of our basketball game days.)  (Now I know why I do not buy frozen pizzas.)
SATURDAY - SUPER NACHO/TACO BAR.  UMMM.  Must be General Conference Saturday night.  Ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  (As well as a fun craft (more later) and a late night of Wii "Glee" and "Dance on Broadway".)


Lindsay Quinney said...

I had 4 out of those seven dinners and they were delicious! Thanks!

melissa t said...

Yum. I think I need to start to plan ahead and organize dinners for the week. Not only would it be easier, but cheaper as I could shop all at once at the cheaper store thats about 30 min. away.

Emily said...

The taco stuff was horrible! Everything else was good though! I wish salmon was on the 7 day plan... :)

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