Saturday, April 9, 2011


At (near) the last minute we decided to do a craft while the husbands were at their conference meeting on Saturday.  Hilary already had an idea, and she and Lindsay went out and picked everything up.

It was really a pretty inexpensive project, and not hard.  (We were worried that one of the supplies would be all sold out.  Like the eyeball stickers at Michael's that I am obsessed about finding, someday.) 
We had fun and were all pleased with our finished frames.  (I am making them with my sister next week.)

Hilary found the idea, and I am posting the blog where she found it on my blog roll.  She has craft tutorials, linking parties, Give A Ways, recipes, printables, and more.  I printed her Easter printable for cards.
Thank-you, A little Tipsy, for this fun idea.

Personalized Frames

(Only 4 things needed, and they can all be bought at Michael's)

unpainted wood frame
acrilic paint
sponge brushes
monogram tape
If you decide to do this, click on the links for her tutorial.

I put magnets on mine and stuck it on the fridge.

Do you like this project?  As part of my celebration for my 200th post, I will do a FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY for the wood frame and a roll of tape.  (Letter tape must be an available letter.

I am linked to A Little Tipsy's party to share what WE did with HER idea.  Thank you, A Little Tipsy.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

I love the way the frames turned out. It was such a cute idea and very simple!

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