Saturday, April 16, 2011


WELCOME NEW FOLLOWER, RACHEL.  Glad to have you here.

"Enjoy life.  This is not a rehersal."  sign at RIB CITY

20 March - 10 April, 2011

#1  I am feeling better.  I had lots of fun playing "dinosaurs" on the floor with Logan.

#2  Mark and Ashley celebrated their 1 year anniversary.

#3  I never got to see "TANGLED" at the theatre, but it came out on DVD.  (Darn.  I fell asleep watching it.)  (Fell asleep the 2nd time, too.  At least I saw some different parts.)

#4  While channel hopping I found "FAME"  "the original Glee".  I set up a few episodes to DVR.  It was fun to watch again.  I was telling my kidults about finding this show from my childhood.  Then I found out it was from the mid 80's.  We already had 4 children by then :c)

#5  I went to a local antique show with Wendy...

#6  ...and spent no money.

#7  We enjoyed a fun play date and lunch at IKEA.  I bought something that I "crafted with", and will  have a GIVE-A-WAY for most the supplies.  (See What I Buy Wednesday and A Craft)

#8  I love General Conference week end.  They are my 2 favourite week ends of the year.

#9  My mother in law asked each family to listen to the conference talks and write our own verse(s) to "Follow The Prophet".  A new conference family tradition :)
My Verse
"Apsotle Elder Nelson, speaking for the Lord,
He knows some are worried, waiting for the word.
"Do not let your fears, now replace your faith".
Obedience to commandments,
keep body and spirit safe."

Sat. a.m. session
April 2011
also quoted President Monson, "The future is as bright as your faith".

Mine and Leslie's Verse
"President Monson spoke of temples,
how fast the numbers grow.
You will find some peace if you commit to go.
It's not just a building, it's filled with so much more.
You'll be renewed and fortified
when you walk through the door".

#10  We did a really fun and easy and cheap craft while the men attend the Saturday night conference meeting.  (See the monogrammed frames from Follow Friday and A craft.)  I will doing a giveaway for the supplies to make the frame to a follower the first week in May.)

#11  My sister is coming for a visit.  :0)
I want to get my ironing for all of April done before she gets here.  Conference Saturday I ironed 17.  Monday I ironed 12.  Wednesday I ironed 17.  Almost done.

#12  GOT A HAIRCUT.  (First 1 in 6 months.)

#13  My ROWENTA iron broke.  This was a special iron.  Doug took me to Sam's Club to buy it on 21 September, 2005.  The day we took Leslie to the MTC.  (No, I was not happy.)
Up to that point I had paid Leslie to do our ironing.  ($1.00 per item.)  That morning I was helping HER iron.  I knew if I was going to be ironing again, it was time to replace my ROWENTA, so we went to Sam's on the way home.  (I got the big ironong board, too.  When Mark left, I got our sweet Stevie Dog.  Although Doug does not care to have dogs, he let me get Stevie.)
Back to the iron story.  This one broke the way that all mine have broken.  They do not stay on and I see sparks where the cord goes in the iron. 

So, why am I happy?
About a year ago Wendy C. found a nice ROWENTA at an estate sale and bought it for me.  No delay at all in my ironing.  BIG SMILE

#14  I am finally caught up with "Things That Make Me Happy".  (I actually thought that I posted this on Monday.)

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