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"You can not help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself."  General Norman Schwarzkopf

10 April - 24 April, 2011

I had a great  and fun week.  I enjoyed my own vacation while my sister was here.

#1  I finally got Brooklyn's picture put on my family tree pillow.  (It is a tree pillow that I kept watching at "Linens and Things" when they were going out of business, and finally bought.)  I have teeny tiny pictures in charms with scrapbook safety pins.

#2  My sister and I visited 9 D.I.s and 2 Savers.  We did it on the way to other things.  (More about what I found, and what I looked for, on Wednesday.

#3  (I asked Debbie before she came if she wanted to see the Carl Bloch art exhibit while she was here.  She said no.  She does not like museums...)  While my sister was here she mentioned there was an art exhibit she had heard good things about.  Could we get tickets?  WHAT!!!  I ASKED YOU ( ;-)
We went to Provo hoping to get in on stand by, and got right in.  (We got there about an hour after opening (10:00) on Monday morning.  When we left  the exhibit at about 4:30 on Thursday afternoon (a BYU graduation day) the wait was about 1 hour.  The exhibit is open until 9:00 p.m., but evenings WILL be crowded with youth groups and those that can not go in the daytime.)  The art was beautiful.  I was glad she got to go.  (And we went to a D.I. and Saver's :)

#4  Logan and I had a fun date.  We took Aunt Debbie to the airport and went to the last D.I. we had on our list.  Then we went to lunch, "with a play place and chicken".  Logan was very good.  (He picked "Mouse Trap" as one of his toys.  I was glad it was going to HIS house.

#5  Leslie gave me and Debbie pedicures.  It was great.  Thank you very much, Leslie.
(The sad part is that a 1/4 bottle of nail polish remover spilled on my (very large and expensive) wool rug.

#6  After 1 hour of looking on line, flooding the area with water, patting all the water out, and LOTS of stress, we lifted it to dry for 2 days and it was fine.  SO HAPPY!

#7  Debbie and I went to/had Cafe Rio, 3 times.  (Her request.)

#8  Since my surgery my voice is way off.  It is hard to get enough air to sing, and it is not on the right note.  But I can still whistle on key :)  (Too bad I can not do that at church.)

#9  Doug won a Chili's gift certificate at work in an emailed number problem contest at work.
And, the visiting accountants gave him 4 tickets to their box for a BEES baseball game in May.  (I like this better than Chili's.  He loves the game and I love reading with the game in the background.  My dad was a baseball fan, too.)

#10  Debbie left on Wednesday.  Doug took Thursday and Friday off.  We had a wonderful week-end together.  There was no one home but us.  On Thursday we had tickets to the Carl Bloch exhibit.  (The exhibit is in Provo, UT and open until May 7th, 2011.  Tickets are free, but must be pre- reserved.  There are stand by tickets available, but there may be quite a wait.  (See wait time above under #3.)  (http://carlbloch.byu.edu/)  It is worth it.)  We loved going together.  Our whole week-end (Thursday and Friday) was very nice.

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Leslie said...

i would just like to say I was never worried about the spill. they were freaking out and I kept saying if anything was going to happen iyt would have happened. I was right

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