Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CELEBRATE! And Blog Give Away Winner!

The Sundance Film Festival is going on in Park City, (Utah) and surrounding cities right now. The news and newspapers are full of sightings, stories updates.
I wanna play! Have your own movie festival. (Watch a movie ;^) I am planning on watching "Spanish Prisioner" this week-end. And here is an easy popcorn recipe to enjoy on our movie night.

This Kettle Corn recipe is from my new favourite food blog. You can find her recipe on 8-8-2009.

To make this fun, fast, easy and very tasty popcorn, you need a hand-turn stove top popcorn popper. There are several brands available. I also have seen them at D.I.s (second hand/thrift stores). I got mine from my sister, Debbie, many many years ago for Christmas. Thank-you very much, Debbie :^) (I only used it once or twice then. Why do I still have it? I love cooking. All my not often used appliances/pans... are lined up on shelves downstairs. For "Just in case", or "Now I need it".) And now I need it. We have made this 4 times since last Friday. It is a hit. (I wash my popcorn popper in the dishwasher.)


1/4 cup unpopped popcorn
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup white sugar
in a separate dish mix
1 table. sugar
1 tea. cinnamon

The directions are easy. Put popcorn, oil and sugar in the popcorn popper. Turn constantly (and not too fast) until AFTER popping stops. (One kidult said this takes 20 mins. It takes 4-7 min.) Now, a cautionary tale. There are vents on the top of our popcorn popper. Christy and Leslie both got hit with oil. WATCH WHERE THEY POINT. (And then the kidults used a pot holder on the handle to block the vent. Ta Da.)

O.K. Back to the recipe.

As soon as popcorn stops popping, remove from heat and quicly stir in cinnamon sugar mix, and stir a bit more. Cool.

And now for the WINNER of the 6 Valentine's Day Clippies/ Penny Blossoms is


I will get these cute clippies to you. I hope you will enjoy them. Thank-you for making them, Hilary.
To get a winner, I wrote all names (-kidults) on a strip of paper. Folded them and Hilary picked... MARY!! (oh, wait. I already told you. We were kinda hoping it would be Nelson. Father to 6 boys ;^)

I will show my next BLOG-GIVE-AWAY on Monday. It is so cute.
A man in our neighborhood is transfering to Calif. Today. He has a sweet, rescued, smaller, well-behaved, declawed cat that needs a home. Quickly. Can you help? Cat is located in Sandy, Utah. Post or email back if you would love this cat. It is a girl and is an indoor cat.


Emily said...

I'm not a big popcorn person. Especially not sweet popcorn. But I really liked this stuff! Congratulations Msry!

Mary said...

YESSSSS!! I won!! I never win anything!! This is awesome. By the way- I like your blog. You have some great recipes too!!!

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