Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is summer.  I never know who will be around, and dinner is less scheduled.  But there are always new recipes, and tried and true recipes.  This week 2 of the new recipes we tried will get call backs.

On Saturday Doug and I had breakfast for dinner.  I tried a potato recipe that I will share next week (or the week after).  I also made baked eggs in ramekins that we really liked.  I love cooking in ramekins.  Easy portion control, and I know how many servings I have. 
This egg recipe came from "REAL SIMPLE", April 2011.

Easy Baked Eggs w/ Cream

I used the ramekin size that holds 1 cup of water (8 oz.  The recipe called for 4 oz, but they kind of boil up.)
Brush 4 ramekins with softened butter. (I use a silicone brush - which I love)
Pour about 2 table. cream in the bottom of each ramekin (be sure to cover the bottom)
Crack 2 large eggs in each ramekin.
Season with salt and pepper.
Bake @ 425* for 10-12 mins., or until whites are set.  (12 worked great for me.)
Sprinkle with a bit of grated Parmesan cheese or some chopped herbs.
Serves 4 ;)

I served this with a creamy potato dish, melon and tomato slices.  It would also go great with toast.
It only took about 3 mins. to put together, and we really liked it.

It boils up in the oven while cooking, but then settles down
 (hence the ring you see in the dish).

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 We gotta get everything in.  Summer is moving quickly.
My neighbor showed me this POPULAR fun toy.  (Thank you, Elaine).  She brought her few years old one over to my house.  I found it on Amazon, read all the reviews, and ordered one (and also a Christmas gift so I would get free shipping).

This has been a HUGE hit with Logan. 
But first, the reviews.  The rockets are junk.  Most of the reviews said that.  I agree.  I left mine in the shipping box.  (After all, one ALREADY had a broken broken fin :( 
It comes with a stand.  Kinda junk.  (Still in the box :(
I know.  It sounds like I paid for junk.  NO!
The thing you stomp on and the tube you put your rockets on are worth every penny (and nickle, dime, quarter and dollar).   Elaine showed me how to make great rockets with typing paper (500 sheets for under $3.00) and mailing tape (or masking tape, or any tape).


Doug cut 1 foot lengths of flexible tubing.  (Enough for 10 rocket makers.)
 Each rocket needs 1 piece of paper, decorated or not, and tape.

Roll the paper around the tube (same diameter as launching tube)
and tape shut.  It can be hand decorated on the tube now.
Fold one end to a point and tape it shut.

Now we have an unlimited supply of rockets to launch on our
 very fun rocket launcher that dear son in law, David, modified :)
My grandson, Logan, wants to play rockets with his cousins, and I want this to last many years, so my son in law, David, made a frame for me.  Thank you, David.  This looks great.  (If you want a supply list and measurements for the "frame" David made, let me know.

I joined the party at Nothing but Country and Spunky Junky .  Thank you for inviting us to share.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I (FINALLY) Finished A Fun Project!

About 5 years ago I bought a PVC Puppet Theatre at a yard sale ($2.00).  The fabric was worn, but the bones of it were great.  About the same time I picked up 4 curtain panels ($2.00) at a thrift store for our theatre.  Then it sat in the back corner of my garage for FIVE years.  Last week I pulled it out and washed the PVC theatre.  I rewashed the curtains, cut and hemmed them to fit, and added new shower curtain rings ($1.29 My total cost was $5.50 (tax on hooks:) but only $1.50 this year).  (My son in law said he thinks to buy the PVC elbows, tees and pipes would be under $15.00.)

With fanfare I presented the finished Theatre and container of puppets to Logan.  WHAT A HIT!  There have have been puppet shows and comedy and drama all week.
It takes a pretty big space in the family room, but when I put it away for another play day, it folds flat.  (Unfortunately the container of puppets won't fold flat :(

Another project finished.  I am now looking for a fish shower curtain so we can play fishing games, too, with our PVC theatre.

If you want a supply list, measurements and design of our theatre.  Let me know.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



We were busy planning a family camping trip and Hilary told us about a fun activity they had at girl's camp (Thank-you, Tara).   I HAD TO HAVE ONE!
We found them at REI (an outdoor/sports store?), but not the one near us.  I checked on Amazon and the price was the same.  (I ordered a DVD for a Christmas gift and got the free shipping.)

Remember the fun snipe hunts you had when you were younger?  And the ones you planned when you were older?  I bought "Snipes".  Gotta say we love them.  (I do wish they were furry, but more about that later.)

They are from a company called "Educational Outdoors".  The game comes with 2 snipes and their "nest".  The snipes are about 4 in. long and 3 inches tall.  (Small)  They are green and orange-ish.  The nest is green.  (The nest is actually the base.)  All are a hard plastic.

Here is the game.  Hide the snipe (or snipes) for the other person/team to find.  After a few minutes the critters start to chirp intermittently.  After another 5 mins. of snipe hunting the eyes began to flash.  It will chirp and flash until returned to it's nest (or the batteries die).

This fun toy/game comes in a "crate" with holes for breathing and live animal warnings (cute).
Each snipe uses 2 AAA batteries (Yea!  I hate buying the cell/disc type.).
Ideal for outside in a yard or camping trip, inside or out, light or dark. 
Recommended for ages 6+, BUT my 3 year old grandson loves this and wants to play-often.
The instructions are short and easy to understand. 
It sells for between $18.00-$25.00.

(I would post my pictures but it is already Thursday night so I will use Amazons :)
I have NOT been paid or compensated.  We just love our snipes.  (I am happy to answer questions.)

Next week, another summer toy. 

Snipe Game

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 "You can do anything you please.  It's the way it's done that makes the difference."  Saint-Gaudens

10 Things That Made Me Happy
July 2011

#1  PINTEREST - Just barely started, but I LOVE it.   (More about this next week.)

#2  Central Air (plus ceiling fans) = Never too hot :)

#3  In getting ready for "FLEA.O.LOGY", I got TONS of my garage cleaned.  (I just need to do the grandkid projects that need the 5 VERY BIG EMPTY BOXES I have saved.  Then they can be recycled :)

#4  "FLEA O LOGY" was last Saturday.  I made about 1/2 the money at this sale as the one in May, but I had fun.  Leslie went with me to help, and Hilary and Lindsay (bitsandpieces) went and sold their clippies and onsies. The weather, company and setting were pleasant.
I am working on, and looking forward to the September sale.   

I bought some fun stuff.  A seller had some feminine pieces that used flowers and lace and...  I traded for a bracelet that I really like.
I bought a fun vintage make-up travel case.  Too bad there are all the luggage rules and fees.  I would love to travel with vintage luggage.  (Except that it is heavy, awkward and inefficient.  And I would not want it ruined.) My mom used to have this set of luggage :)

#5  A while ago I found a fun shoe craft on bluebirdvintage's blog.  Cute, huh.
I bought the shoes when I found the idea, and finally finished them THIS week.
The only supplies I bought were cheap white tennies for $5.00 and black shoe laces.  I used black acrylic paint, thick and thin black permanent markers and a few small brushes and foam brushes.  An easy and fun project. 
BUT, my kidults are unimpressed.  As a child I really wanted to wear patent leather shoes to school, but I had to wear saddle shoes.  They were sturdier and more practical for girls in a large family.  sigh 
#6  My van was broken.  Again.  Now it is fixed and for under $100.00 (which included an oil change :)
Hopefully it passes inspection this week.

#7  Hilary told me about a fun game.  I found and bought it.  I have been playing it with Logan, and am really looking forward to playing this game at our big family parties.  (I will show the game on "What I Buy Wednesday" this week.)  While I was on Amazon, I also did some Christmas shopping.

#8  Our new pergola is closer to being finished.    Then back to eating outside.

#9  Book club was at my house in July.  I really book club and the friendships.  I will post what I have been reading this summer another time.

#10  I have enjoyed walking to Lindsay and David's house with Doug and Leslie.  (Not the up hill part.)  Good exercise and great company and conversations.  (Of course we do have to get a ride back home.)

Friday, July 15, 2011


I have meant to blog.
I think in blog.
I have ideas, crafts, food (fill in the blank) to block...

But I have not.  No clue why.  Not busier than any other people (and far less than some).  Not sick or on vacation...

Next week I will be back with "What I buy Wednesday", a recipe and project/craft idea.
AND A GIVE A WAY!  (Only 2 of the 5 giveaways were claimed in May).

I have heard from a lot of followers during the "break", and now want to know - What do YOU want me to post?  Do you have an idea that you would like to do as a guest post? 
Leave a comment, or two, of your ideas for the blog.  YES, I know.  An index to recipes crafts, etc.  I am waiting for a kidult to do that.  It is on my list.
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