Sunday, April 17, 2011



Are you working on planning your menus a week ahead of time and keeping a grocery list goiung of what you need?  It saves trips to the store (which usually means buying unplanned items)  and money when shopping.
Saves time, too.

SUNDAY - Tacos, salad, refried beans and jello salad.  (This is one we like -  strawberry or raspberry jello, berries (fresh mix or frozen (I used fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries this time) and about 1 pomegranate's worth of seeds.  We like this, but I have not been able to find pomegranates for about 2 months. 
On Wednesday I found the seeds ready to go at Sam's Club.  It was $8.00 for a 2 pack.  Each looked like about 1 pomegranate.  (I also like the seeds in pilaf.)  One of the seed packs  molded (about a week before it's use by date) and the other pack lacked the sweetness and firmness of a pomegranate you seed yourself.  (Darn.  I thought I had a find.)  I did my sister's favourite MARIE CALLENDER pies for dessert.  (They sell them frozen at our local stores, and we like them.)
MONDAY -  Cafe Rio :0)  That is one top of the list things to do when my sister comes from California.
TUESDAY -  Breakfast for dinner.  My sister requested Blueberry French Toast.  I also made Deviled Breakfast Eggs.  mmm
WEDNESDAY -  FRITO Chili Casserole.  Thank you for making it, Leslie.
THURSDAY - White Chicken - An easy crock pot family favourite. (+ salad, broccoli, strawberries and mandarin oranges) 
FRIDAY -  PIZZA FRIDAY - I will post the recipe (if you can call it that) on "What I BuyWednesday".
SATURDAY - Some of us ate at a Super Saturday Craft afternoon.  The rest ate planned overs.
I took Red Velvet Cookies w/ White Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  It was a new recipe, and only o.k.  With so many better cookie recipes, this one will go on my do not make again list.  (Part of the reason is that the red is not vibrant enough/white chocolate bright enough to make these for Christmas/Valentine's Day.)
(Nine of us went to DEE'S for midnight fries.)

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Lindsay Quinney said...

I wish I had been at your house for Frito casserole. Maybe I should put that on my list to make for next week. Or maybe even this week.

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