Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I speak from experience.  Not mine.  One daughter (twice).  And my daughter and son (in law - a student) three times.  (The first daughter learned.  The 2nd daughter did not.)
Everyone suffers when this happens.

The problem? 
The charging cord on your computer quits/goes bad or breaks.  Whatever happens, (unless a family member has a matching one-that you can use) you are without that computer.  A new cord is easy to get, but the replacement cords start at about $50.00.

The solution?
When you order by mail (Amazon...) you can get the replacement cord starting at $3.00-with free shipping.
It is a pain to wait a week for delivery, but the savings is important.  After watching computers coming and going (and cords being left in plugs all over) I decided to have my daughter order a new cord for me when she ordered hers.  I paid $10.00 including shipping.  I wrote on the outside of the shipping envelope what computer the cord went to and put it in a zippered plastic bag, and then stored it with other extra chargers, headphones and cords. 

Your cords (and computer) will last longer if you don't let the box thing on your plug dangle.  (It puts weight on where the cord plugs into the computer.)  Allow the box thing and the computer to have ventilation so they do not over heat.  I read an idea in REAL SIMPLE magazine about using door stops under your computer to prop it up and allow ventilation.
Clean your screens (tvs and computers) with them turned off.

(I really hate it when the spring on the clamp of the curling iron goes, too.  So I am getting a curling iron to stick in the storage room.)

I am over at The Thrifty Home with this post.  Thank you for hosting.  I enjoy checking out the other ideas.

Next week I will show what I bought at IKEA, and what I did with it. I will have a Give a Way for most of the supplies so you can make it, too.

My sister is coming this week end for a visit.  She is staying for 2 weeks (fine, just over a week and a half) and we have lots planned.  We will spend some time visiting thrift stores. (read D.I.s :)
On Wednesday, 20 April,  I will tell you what I look for when I go thrift store/yard sale shopping.  Come back and see "What I buy Wednesday.


melissa t said...

Yeah for 60+ followers!! Good advice on the computer fan. My husband (who has his masters in IT) always makes sure that nothing is covering the fan so the laptop is able to cool down...and sometimes even puts it on books. Good advice about door stops.
Can't wait to see who gets your basket!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway with Allison over at Keep up the good work!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah I am the daughter that didn't learn. I guess I just keep hoping my cords won't keep breaking!

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