Friday, May 6, 2011


This is my favourite green salad.  And has been for years. 
I wrote about it last year, but I have a change.


Lettuce - Spring mix or romaine or add spinach
Fruit - Usually strawberries, but have used blueberries, chopped pears or apples, tangerines  (I have even used canned mandarins)
Craisins - If you want to
Bleu cheese crumbled - or feta, if you want to
Candied nuts - walnuts or almonds or pecans (or not candied)
... whatever else you like in it

We all have some form of this recipe.  It is the dressing that I came to talk about. 
The traditional dressing I have always made is equal parts of

BRIANNA'S Blush Wine Salad Dressing and
BRIANNA'S Poppy Seed Salad Dressing (About 1/2 bottle of each)
This dressing is good. 
But it is expensive and high in fat. 
And you need to make sure that you have both dressings.

At our Relief Society Birthday Dinner last week we had a homemade dressing that works great for this type of salad.  (I have tried at least 5 recipes trying to find one that worked for me.)  This recipe is lower in fat and uses things I always have.  Ready?

Strawberry Salad Dressing
from Deborah W.  (After tasting this I (obsessively) asked that she email it to me that night)

Just mix in a mixing bowl with a whisk
1 cup mayonnaise (I use light.  I wanted to try fat-free, but could not find it at the store.)
1/3 cup white sugar
1/4 cup milk (I use 1%.  May need a bit more to thin it.)
1/4 vinegar (I use cider vinegar, but you could use white, strawberry or raspberry vinegar)
1 Table. poppy seeds (I always buy mine in bulk.  MUCH cheaper.)
1 1/2 - 2 Table. strawberry jam

Only 6 ingredients and I have them all, all the time.
This is my new favourite recipe.

If you prefer a purchased low-fat dressing, my mother-in-law makes this salad with KRAFT Light Raspberry Vinegrette.  Another healthy choice.

Danielle commented on winning the glass nail file yesterday.  Congratulations, Danielle.  I will get that to you.
There is still time to follow my blog and be part of the next drawing (which should be Friday, but I am working really hard to get things ready for the .  So I will do it on Monday.).

Today's drawing is for a Princess clippie (plus a few extra bows) from BITS AND PIECES  Thank you VERY much.  The follower that wins can choose a Princess from their blog, or their new Princess Rapunzel.
Using "" the winning follower is #56...MATT AND CAROLYN!!!  Leave a comment and let me know which princess you choose. 

Because I have been so busy this week, all winners have until Wednesday to comment.  I will re"" next Thursday.


Flea.o.logy - TOMORROW - Saturday May 7th

Last Saturday it snowed and we moaned & groaned,
Our flea market, alas, had to be postponed.

Hmmm, that's all the rhyming I can think of. Point is, though, that the flea market WILL go on THIS Saturday, May 7th. Good thing we waited, now we'll have more stuff. And we won't have to wear mittens. Hope you'll come see us! (You'll be glad you did, 'cause there's some of the best flea market stuff in the state. I promise!) Here's our ad from last week in case you missed it, or in case you liked it so much that you want to see it again. . . .

* * * * *
Do you relish rummaging around in rusty stuff? Is shabby your idea of chic? Got kitsch in your kitchen? Go ga-ga over “junk” jewelry AND gems? Need a table for Mabel to put her elbows on? Do you subscribe to the motto, “Live Well, Laugh Often, Junk Much?”

Wanna come play at the flea on Saturday?

Then be there this Saturday for our first flea market of the season. Flea.o.logy is the new name for the 7-years-running flea market at the historic Red Sandstone Victorian house on the corner.

Over 15 sellers will be there to greet you with primitives to pottery, Victorian to vintage, garden art to glassware, and furniture to just plain funky. There’ll be junk jewelry, vintage jewelry, artist jewelry, and repurposed jewelry. Vintage dresses, heirloom dresses, a wedding dress, and a dresser or two. Tablecloths, aprons, hankies and blankies. License plates, dinner plates, wood crates and silver plate. Gas cans, frying pans, a few things that were made in Japan. Buttons, books, gobbledygook. AND. . . artist-created chocolates, crafts and a charity baked goods sale. Etc., etc.

Sound fun? You’re SO right! . . . .

Flea.o.logy Antiques & Crafts Flea Market
218 N. Main, Payson (just 40 minutes south of Sandy)
Saturday May 7th
8:00 a.m. sharp
No early birds. . .

Go to to find out about the history of our flea market and to learn about our vendors.

Sign up to follow our blog for 10% off one item AND a free gift!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This was an accidental, impulse purchase. 
I saw it at the beauty supply place that I go to to get perms...  They had them on the counter and I looked at one.  The clerk told me all about it, so, I will tell you.

This is a glass nail file.  You use the clear end to file.  And, IT LASTS FOREVER! 
After a few times of filing my nails, you just wash it.  With water.  Then dry it and it is ready for the next time. 
I have had mine for about 4 years.  I have never broken mine.  I keep a cardboard emery board in my wallet and in my travel stuff.  Other than that, this is all I use.  I have not bought emery boards in years.
The price varies by size.  The tiny 3 in. one is $5.00.  Mine is 5 1/4 in. and is $8.00.  (They do have longer ones and other colours.)

And so is the one that I AM GIVING AWAY TODAY.
To celebrate my 200th post I am giving away something every day this week to a follower of my blog.

And the lucky winner is ...#33...Jay and Danielle!!!
Leave a comment telling me how to contact you BY SATURDAY, 7 May.

I am visiting The Thrifty Home's Party with my idea.  I appreciate her hosting.  Again :)

Tommorrow I will "" a Princess Clippie (+) from BITS AND PIECES.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


24 April - 1 May, 2011

"A dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live fish to swim upstream."  W. C. Fields (Quoted by Alto Brown on Iron Chef America.  A show that Doug and I watch together :)

#1  "WORDS WITH FRIENDS"  A fun "Scrabble" type game for Ipods, Smart Phones...  Doug lets me play his games on his Ipod.  (I am a ZUNE fan.)  We always have a game going between the 2 of us, and play a few rounds before we go to bed.

#2  Easter Sunday at my in laws was very nice.  I can skip the food tour.  It was great, as usual.  My in laws go WAY above the basic for us.  The egg hunt is fun.  Mom and Dad filled over 250 eggs with money and candy and of course the "Special X eggs" (1 per child).  The hunt is done in age groups, but here is what I love, you can egg hunt with cousins until you have graduated from high school.
Next comes Grandpa's Grand Event.  Any one who wants to can bring a raw egg prepared for abuse.  The one that lasts the longest wins.  (And what a prize.)  The eggs come bundled well.  (Too well to be opened and checked after each round ;-)
Some years they have been dropped out of an upstairs window.  Some years Doug has thrown them over the garage.  This year, to save shoulder problems, Grandpa ordered a balloon launcher.
(First they launched water balloons over the garage to trick the group.)  This year there were about 15 entries.  (No age limit.)  There were about 6 rounds of launching.  At first, you check if you can, look for structural damage...
Finally few enough are left that they are opened. 

This year's winners were Kristin and Tessa (team)  and MARK!
And the prize?  You get to pick something from...."GRANDPA'S CLOSET"!
It took Mark awhile to choose, but he picked a sweet straw golf hat.  (Probably one we gave him a few years ago for Father's Day ;-)  (Ashley and Mark just moved.  I will post pic when I get it from Ashley.)  Wonderful grandparents.  And wonderful traditions.  Thank you.

#3  I was invited to an antiquer's lunch at Marci's last week.  It was fun to visit and see what Marci has done with her house.
Dorothy was the lunch hostess and the food was great.  I loved her Garlic Chicken Pasta and will share her recipe soon.

#4  Emily had "Hagermann's Bakehouse Cafe" certificates that were about to expire, so she took the boys and sent Me and Lindsay to lunch.
I was hesitant to order the "Berny's Reuben" because I have eaten at the best.  (Katz' (Oh, the flavour) and Carnegie's (Unbelievable size), both in New York City - heading there this August :)
I was pleasantly surprised by Hagermanns.  It came looking skimpy.  The meat was good, (but not like the amazing Katz) but the sandwich was really good.  Not sure if it was the dressing or sauerkraut, but it was good.  Still, the soup was better.  It was a tomato bisque that was amazing.  (The owner's dad was behind the counter, and he told us it was - and it was.)  We highly recommend the Tomato Bisque.  Thank-you, Emily.

#5  On Tuesday night I went to our Relief Society (church women's group) Birthday dinner.  Emily went with me.  It turned out to be a pleasant evening.  (No idea why I hate to go.  I always enjoy it once there.)
Plus, I got a new recipe I am EXCITED to share soon.

#6  Doug and I went to the temple on Wednesday night.  Since he gets home from work so late, he took the whole day off.  (It was a comp day for working week ends in the beginning of April.  All the better.)  We came home and had cereal for dinner.  Yep, we wanted that.  (But how do I end up with 12 OPEN boxes of cereal in my pantry?)

#7  Emily picked Layne up most of the week.  (She is a teacher, and off track.)  Then she took the boys somewhere fun every day.  Such a great Aunt.

#8  I am excited at what I am finding to sell this week end at the Antique and Craft Flea Market.  (I was o.k. doing it in the cold, but I am thrilled to have an extra week and a wonderfully spring week end coming up for the sale on Saturday.)

#9  I made a really good pizza for Pizza Friday, on Saturday.  MAXWELL'S PIZZA was on "GOOD THINGS UTAH demonstrating pizza how tos.

I learned to really have floured counter.If
I learned to go "hand to hand" as I turn the dough.  (And it worked.)
I learned to use less sauce than I have been using.  (Family thought not enough.)
I learned he used 1/2 mozzarella and 1/2 provolone cheese.  It worked super.  (I actually used too much cheese.  Is that possible?)

#10  A few weeks ago I heard something good that someone had said about me.  It has made feel different.  The person has no clue I heard about it., but I now feel different about this woman.  I feel less invisible.  I also feel more powerful as to differences I make.  I know from this experience that I must let others know the good things I think about them.  (Hmmm.  How do we do that?) 
If you are a follower, to celebrate my 200th post, I am having a mini GIVE A WAY every day this week.  Today's give away is for a set of IKEA kid's cups and 6 super strong magnets.  Check to see how I used them.  We have really been pleased with them.  I do not wash them in the dishwasher.

The winner is (just running over to "".  Be right back.)
#51....  AMY!!!  Congratulations, Amy.  Leave a comment by Saturday, 7 May, letting me know how to contact you.

Tomorrow I am ""ing for "WHAT I BUY WEDNESDAY".  There is still time to be a follower.

Monday, May 2, 2011


...and thankfully brought spring (at least for this week) with her.  Happy May. 

Last week I posted my 200th post!!!  To celebrate I have planned a small GIVE AWAY for every day (week day) this week.  Today I am giving a wood frame and a roll of monogram tape.  This is what you need to make the fun frame idea that we found from A Little Tipsy.

Thank you to "", the winner is # 61 - BeautifulDees!!!
Comment by Saturday, 7 May and let me know how to contact you.  Let me know what letter of tape you want.  (Please list your top 3 letters in case we can not find what you want.  #1 would be the first one you want :)

I am sad that #54 did not comment, but I have a new winner of some of my "favourite things".

"Random .org " picked #44 - Its So Very Cheri!!!
Comment by Saturday, 7 May and let me know how to contact you for your address.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) come see who will win a set of IKEA cups with magnets.  (We have enjoyed our water cups on the fridge, but you can use them how you wish ;-)

You will have a chance to win on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday if you are a FOLLOWER of THIS BLOG.  There is still time.
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