Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was out of commission most of winter and really missed the soups and stew season.  Luckily in Utah winter and spring dance together, each taking a turn at leading.  Flowers popping up in Feb./March, and snow in May.

I got a form of this stew recipe over 25 years ago from Margie.  I have adapted and adapted it through the years.  This is where I ended up about 10 years ago.  A basic , easy and tasty stew that all of my family loves.  (I cut onions large so they can be "picked out".)

Easy Crock Pot Stew
from Margie N.

stew meat - 1-2 pounds, I like to brown mine in a skillet before putting it in crock pot

Mix all the rest in a sprayed crock pot (I like a bigger amount, but I put the smaller amount in ()
2 cans tomato soup (1 can)
3 packages DRY beef gravy (2 packages)
2 tea. beef base (or 2 beef bouillon cubes)  (1 tea. or cube)
2 1/2 cups water (1 1/2 cups water)
6-8 cups vegetables - I used 4 cups cubed potatoes, 2 cups carrots, 1 onion-cut large (3-4 cups)
browned meat

Cook all day on low (8 hours)  and on high for the last 1/2 hour to hour.

Sometimes I make dumplings.  Sometimes pot bread, biscuits, corn bread...  I saw a recipe for cream biscuits in "Relish" and decided to try them since I had everything.  I did add 1 table. sugar. 
The texture and flavour were amazing (really good).  I was disappointed in the self rising flour.  They were not as high as I hoped and thought they would be.  I also think they needed more moisture. 

adapted from RELISH

2 cups self rising flour
1 1/2 cups cream
1 table. sugar

Stir just until blended.  Lightly knead on floured board.  Biscuits will become tougher the more they are worked with.Pat or roll to about 3/4 in. thickness.  Cut into biscuit rounds and place close together in greased baking dish or sheet.
Bake at 450* for about 10 mins.
Makes about 12.

(I turned the bread green for St. Patrick's Day)
I am fast approaching my 200th POST.  What shall we do to celebrate it?  Any ideas?


Zion And Missy said...

You need to explain the green bread. Not it? That stew looks great, this is Sunday night's dinner, thanks for the post.
Great idea for a giveaway. Maybe your talented daughters could do a giveaway for some of their awesome items in their store?
Just a thought.

michelle's 10 things said...

Nope ;) Just green food colouring in the bread, with our "Irish Stew". I WAS planning on a Give A Way from Bits and Pieces. They have a new Rapunzel Princess clippie. Also, I will be posting some pasta recipes, too.

Lindsay Quinney said...

I love stew and it is such a stew day outside! Melissa we are planning on doing a giveaway! We will be posting it in the next few days!

Emily said...

Growing up this was always one of my favorite recipes. But now that I don't like potatoes I can't eat it anymore... :(

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