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"Happiness is not a destination you arrive at, but a manner of traveling."  Margaret Lee Runbeck

13 February - 27 February, 2011

#1  Doug used 1 of his left over vacation days from last year.  He took Tuesday off, giving us a 4 day holiday together.

#2  We got a pre-paid Visa card for Christmas from Doug's parents.  Doug also still has his birthday birthday money from his birthday in August.  And his birthday money from his birthday in August, 2009.  (I know.  Weird, huh?  That's Doug.  Few needs and easy going.)  Anyway I wondered if he wanted 2 new suits at a buy one-get one free sale, and he did.  (The truth is this- .Doug is not a clothes-or spend money on clothes man.  We have been married 32 years.  In all that time he has gotten 1 new suit.  His mom bought it for him (custom made) in Hong Kong when they picked his sister up from her LDS mission there.  She got home in 1989.  (No, he is not still wearing it.)
Since then we have bought suits from thrift stores.  (The last one was when Lindsay got married in Sept., 2005.)
I still need to hem them.  To frugal to pay for that.

#3  On Monday (President's Day) Emily and Hilary used their deals and coupons to take the family to "Incredible Pizza", which has now changed hands and is "Planet Play".  (If you have coupons, use them quick while they are still being honored.)  We had a really fun afternoon.  Logan, Layne, Lincoln and Ari participated in the dance contest.  We had no clue that they would dance for 1/2 an hour, but they ALL stuck with it.  They were each rewarded with a $3.00 game card.  Layne played "THE CLEW" game and won a very big monkey(?).  
Very fun day.  Thank-you Emily and Hilary.

#4  One night I was watching t.v. (Blue Blood.  What can I say.  I like crime shows.  I was reading my father's childhood Frank and Joe Hardy books by 7.)  Any way, there was someone that looked familiar.  And older.  I could not place it, so I re-wound it and asked Doug.  He did not know, BUT the next morning when I woke up, he told me what show the guy had been on.  (He had remembered in the night.)  AND HE WAS RIGHT.  (He had never watched that 10 year old show either.) 
We are the part of each other that is missing.  I am so happy we have each other.  We each think we got the better deal.

 #5  On Wednesday we enjoyed a great play date at FREE ZOO DAY.  Leslie did all the work pulling the wagon since both Lindsay and I have had surgery.  Thank-you, Leslie.

#6  We really enjoyed the RUSTIC TOMATO TART that I made last week.  It was fun to make the free hand tart crust, and the tart was so good.

#7  GUESS WHAT!  Emily won an IPAD from KSL television.  She was watching the news while she was getting ready for work on Friday, and they asked what you would not give up in this down economy.  She emailed that she would not give up her daily deals/discount coupons.  They read her response on the air - and said she won an IPAD.  (She needed that.  And of course she is thrilled.)
She and Logan took TRAX downtown that afternoon to get it.

#8  I tried 2 new successful recipes this week-end.  Both of them are ones I will keep.  I will share them on Saturday with the "PLANNING OUR MENU" post.  (A main dish/breakfast and a dessert.)

#9  Do you watch "Amazing Race"?  We do.  It is a family game/activity.  This week they were in Australia, and one challenge had the teams dressed as kangaroos - and wearing cool shoes with rollers that helped them to bounce.  It was so funny - and fun.  It was especially fun when there were several teams together forming a TROOP or MOB (yea, I looked it up :).  We were all laughing. A lot.  (We missed you, Christy.)

#10  Even though I can not drive, yet, I have my van back.  (Yea, another $450.00 in car repairs.)  But it is back.


Emily said...

I made the list twice this week! Yay!!! Love my iPad!!!

Zion And Missy said...

Congrats Emily! Nothing better like winning FREE stuff!! Cant wait to see your new dinner list. I need some new things. My mom and brother are coming next week and I do not feel like cooking at all so I hope there are some easy ones. Hope you are feeling a little better each day.

Lindsay Quinney said...

I made the list twice too! The kangaroos were seriously so funny. Gotta love Amazing Race!

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