Monday, March 7, 2011



Yep, I got my project done.  I fell in like with the fun "X marks the spot" project from "4 Crazy Kings"
 that I posted last week end.

I love the way her "X" looked a bit like an anchor, and wanted mine to, also.  To make my pattern I started by collecting circles (mixing bowls, pans, etc.)  I used my biggest mixing bowl and traced 1/2 of it on the fold of a newspaper.  (I then cut out several because I knew I would want to experiment in sizes.) 
I decided on my stock pot size and traced a 1/2 circle to that size, on the fold. 
Next I folded my 1/2 circle in 1/2 again.  Now in 4ths.  One more fold, into 8ths.  You can see the cut I made.  It is almost a "P" with an angled point on the bottom.

I pinned my opened pattern to doubled red felt from a bolt.  (The squares you can buy at craft stores are too small.)  Then, I just started sewing around my X with a blanket embroidery stitch.  (It took about 2 hours to make.)  I would stuff each anchor end of the X before stitching up the sides.

I used craft store brown felt sheets for the "dashes"  on the "map".  I got 10 dashes per felt square by cutting it in 1/2 lengthwise, and then each side into 2" lengths.  I used 4 pieces of felt.  We want a BIG map.

Layne has not seen it yet, but gotta say Logan loves it.  He (and Grandpa and Aunt Hilary) made "maps" for quite awhile on Saturday.

(I will add the pictures of how to make the "X" tomorrow, as well as the link.)

I also finished another fun craft this week end that I will share on an upcoming Saturday.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Logan absolutely loves it. Anything pirate lately makes that kiddo extremely happy! Thanks for being such a fun grandma!

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