Thursday, March 3, 2011


Usually on Thursday I post a tried and true recipe.  I got it ready last night and realized that when I made it, I had not taken a picture:(   Luckily Doug loves it so I will make it this weekend.
So... I decided I would respond to some comments-and start a game.

I have heard from several people saying they want to play our walking game.  Here is my plan.
If you want to play

#1  Be a follower.
#2  Decide that you want to walk more each day than you normally would EVERY DAY IN MARCH.  You do not need to buy a pedometer if it is not in your budget.  Run up and down the stairs more times a day.  Walk around the block a couple of times...  You get it.  (We all try for the recommended 10,000 steps a day.)
#3  Commit by posting your name on THIS post.  (You are welcome to leave a comment, too.)
#4  Be consistent (and honest).

I will do a drawing on 15 March and 31 March for a small, health related prize.  (It has to be small to fit in my budget :-) 

Everyone and anyone (that is a follower) is invited. 
Happy walking!

(I am posting another post tonight that you might want to read before you plan your day tomorrow.)


Kaylee said...

i want to participate in your walking challenge! today was my first day....thanks to your sister for informing me of this awesome endeavor!

Matthew said...

I want to play.

debbie said...

I love this idea of the walking challenge. Of course I am playing.

Zion And Missy said...

I am playing, too! Ill have to look into getting one. Interested to see if I walk that many steps or more.

Leslie said...

I am playing!!!

sbdunn said...

For some reason I TOTALLY missed this post. But I have actually already been working on this! My goal for this month has been to walk more and I'm walking at least 15 extra minutes most days. :o)

tracey said...

Michael and Tracey are doing the walking challenge.

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