Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This week I am explaining 3 different things I buy for my bathroom.

HAND LOTION - The hand lotion I buy costs between $15.00 and 25.00.  ( I am quite picky about my scents.)  I really love THYME'S Olive Leaf lotion.  I live in a very dry area and use hand cream.  A LOT. 
Another , less expensive, but good quality, hand lotion that I use is TRADER JOE'S A Midsummer Night's Cream (Moisturizing Cream Extra Dry Formula)  (They say unscented, but it has a faint scent.  It is under $4.00 and travels well if you need someone to bring one back from their travels because you do not have a TRADER JOE'S in your state/area :(
To help my favourite last longer (THYMES) I keep them side by side.  Each time I use hand lotion, I squirt out a pea size of EACH.  Works great.  Only three of those stupid hang naily things this winter.

SALT - Yea, weird, I know.  I grew up in California (our home base as I was an Air Force child.).  Whenever we would go to the beach my skin would clear up.  (I was about 12 at the time.)  My mom told me it was the salt.  Ever since then I have washed my face with soap - and salt.  (A very cheap exfoliate.  Yea, under $1.00 and it last (quite) awhile.)  (We are talking 41 years here.)  I keep a small Tupperware (midget) container with a lid, filled with salt.  (I prefer the coarseness of Morton.  Store brands are finer.)   Maybe it has not done anything, but I feel good about it and will do it forever.

DRYER SHEETS - Another weird one :)  It is dry here.  And I can not stand static electricity.  CAN NOT STAND!  I use a pick comb, and as needed, I put a dryer sheet (folded in thirds) on the base of my comb.  It works great.  If things are really dry, I spray a bit of STATIC GUARD on the dryer sheet.  Ah.  No flying hair.

This What I Buy Wednesday is linked up to THE THRIFTY HOME  party.  Thank-you for hosting.

Next Wednesday I will share what I buy to give me a head start on Christmas.  You may think it is too early, but I have converted many to this simple purchase.


Lindsay Quinney said...

I always thought it was weird you washed your face with salt but never thought to ask why. Now I know. Very Interesting.

Dacia said...

Wow, those are some interesting things. I never thought to try salt. Thanks for the blog visit and comment love :)

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