Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last week we talked about cleaning garbage disposals.  There were comments and ideas and I decided
to re-post about a cleaner that I really like.
LEMI SHINE - A hard water remover sold at Walmart for under $4.oo. It really works great. It is made for dishwashers, and made mine look new.

I also tried the recipe for cleaning drains. Into my kitchen sink I poured (in order) 1/3 cup LEMI SHINE, 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 cups water. I don't know if it cleaned the drain, but the explosion was cool. After the foam goes away, rinse drain well.
I also tried the spray, which worked great! In a squirt bottle mix 1/8 cup LEMI SHINE and 8 oz. of water. Spray on surface. Let set if desired and rinse well. CAUTION - Test to see if spray will cause damage in a small area. Although this worked amazingly well on my bathroom granite, it seems to have left a whitiesh look. It worked super on shower doors.
(from my 7/17/10 post)

UPDATE-  Vinegar is supposed to be great for hard water deposits. 
Here is my horror(ible) story.  As I began to recover from my surgery, and wanted to take on house jobs, I tackled the hard water deposits that had accumulated around the faucet handles.  I put white vinegar on a damp rag and worked on the hard water spots.  It was working.  But then, I decided it would be easier if it pre-soaked.  I soaked the rag and set it around the handle.  Several hours later I found, to my horror, the vinegar had etched the pattern of the rag into my granite.  Thoroughly traumatized, I have still not finished the job.
There is a moral.  Don't let the deposits build up - even if you are not allowed to use your arms to clean. And, do not blame anyone else for this.  You should have tried it on a small (hidden) area.  All directions tell us that, and we should have read them.  (I am so sad (and embarrassed) about this that I can not even post a picture :(
(Vinegar still works great in laundry, dishwashers...)

Next week- How I extend the life of a product I use daily.    

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debbie said...

I am sorry about your horrible vinegar experience. Thank you for the warning. Matt has decided to join us in our walking challenge. I walked 1000 more steps yesterday than the day before. =)

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