Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last weeks challenge was to try a new recipe and make a familiar favourite one?  If you did, how was your new recipe?  Share if it was good :)
I do this every week as I plan.  One (at least) new recipe, and one tried and true.

Do you know what you have in your freezer?  You will save money if you buy your meats on sale and freeze them in meal sized portions.  But, if you don't know what you have, you are not saving.  This week check out what you have in your freezer and plan 1 meal with something you have there.

Last Weeks Menu
SUNDAY-  David's birthday dinner.  grilled steak and salmon (It was really good.), steamed broccoli, green beans and corn, and "HASSELBACK POTATOES". (new recipe from "Joy the Baker". )  They took less time to prepare than I thought they would.  (I made 16, and did not put the garlic in them.)  Everyone really liked them.  Even my son that does not eat baked potatoes.  I will make these again. 
MONDAY-  Emily and Hilary used their discount coupons to take the whole family (+) for a fun activity and early dinner.  (More in MY 10 THINGS on Tuesday.)
TUESDAY-  Pick-A-Can (Eat what you want.  I did not feel good.)
WEDNESDAY-  German Pancakes (hmmm. Another family favourite I have not posted.)   Doug and I enjoy breakfast so I do breakfast for dinner at least every other week.
THURSDAY-  (I usually do slow cooker meals on Thursday because I have Cub Scout (Wolves) at my house.)  No Scouts this week so I tried "RUSTIC TOMATO TART", (a new pizza recipe from "Lick The Bowl Good").  Man was this good.  Next time (and there will be a next time) I will use prepared pesto instead of the mustard (which was good).  (This was my first free form tart shell.) 
The warm chewy cheese was wonderful.  Since only Doug and I ate here on Thursday, we had left-overs.  They were not that great  (way too soggy).

FRIDAY-  Dinner at our Cub Scout Pack meeting.  I took my Crazy Chocolate Cake.
SATURDAY-  Leslie had a friend over for (part of) the week end.  I tried a new make ahead oatmeal for breakfast.  I found "BAKED PUMPKIN OATMEAL" at Lynn's Kitchen Adventure".  I mixed the dry ingredients (and butter) on Friday night, and told the first one up to add the wet ingredients and bake. 
That was totally unnecessary.  This is a baked oatmeal that you keep in your fridge.  In the morning, remove what you want, heat it up and add milk.
The only change I made to her recipe was to use old fashioned oats instead of quick cooking.
We really liked this.  (in fact I am making more tonight for next week.)  The pumpkin is very mild (but you still have that added vegetable benefit).  The brown sugar and cinnamon are flavoured just right.  I think this is an easy and more healthful alternative for kids than the pre-packaged instant envelopes.

Have fun planning this week if this is something new for you.

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