Thursday, March 3, 2011


 I found this idea last year over at Prudence Pennywise's food blog ( - and loved it.  I did not need to write it down because it lodged deeply in my brain. 

MARCH FORTH - the perfect day to grab hold of the day and accomplish some of those things that we have been procrastinating!  WHAT CAN I GET DONE?  Make a list and share with us if you would like to. 
Take a pat on the back, high five and thumbs up, if you decide to participate.
Thank-you Prudence Pennywise for a motivating idea!

I (finally) got the mistletoe taken down.
Got a package mailed.
Fed Exed a phone that needed to be returned.
Went thru all the toys in the playroom.  Got rid of of a bunch of them.
Caught up on cutting out coupons (and reading the paper).
Went thru videos and got rid of a lot.
And switched my fall/winter throw pillows for the spring/summer pillows in the family room.  (I do hope it is spring.)
Successful March Forth.


sbdunn said...

Only two things on my list right now. Scrub the baby food off the walls and finally file all the documents that have been accumulating over the past year and a half.

Leslie said...

I finally got my laundry put away, just in time to need to do more and got my car cleaned out. Many can atest that that really needed to be done.

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