Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am starting something new on Wednesdays. I will post something that I buy (usually) regularly, and why I buy it.  I am not being compensated and the product/idea/words are my own.

Today I am sharing my dishwasher soap. 
Have you noticed problems with your clean dishes?  For my daughter it was a grainy coating.  For me, it was dishes not coming clean, and white streaks on my stainless steel door.  The reason for the problems is that some states have outlawed phosphates  (phosphates help soften water and keep food from redepositing on the clean dishes) in home dish washing detergents.  (So far 16 states have outlawed it and Utah is one of them. The compliance deadline is in June.)

I had been using Cascade liquid.  My daughter was using Cascade powder, which caused more problems.  We were buying it at Sam's Club/Costco.  My daughter told me her mother in law liked an orange bottled soap, so we started looking for it.  We found it at Maceys Grocery Store in Sandy.  (Maceys has several locations in Utah.)  
It is called, "SUN SATIONS", and manufactured in UT.  According to the code on the bottle there are no phosphates in this dish washer soap.  I have really been pleased with it.   Another real advantage to SUN SATIONS is the price.  My 75 oz. was under $5.00.  Whoo Hoo!

We found a 26 oz. (blue) box at DOLLAR TREE, so I tried it. (I could not tell from the code if it has phosphates.  It is manufactured in CT.)  While I have only used it once, it worked fine.  An improvement over Cascade.

UPDATE 18 Feb., 2011 - At my local Winco the bottle is repackaged as "SUN".  I bought it and still find this liqued superior to Cascade liqued.  PLUS (drum roll)  only $2.94 for the 75 oz.   

We would love it if you shared your favourite dishwasher soaps.
Have a product that you really recommend?  We would love to have you share.


Next Wednesday "WHAT I BUY" will be a treat.


Lindsay Quinney said...

That is such a great price on dish soap. Once my liquid cascade is gone I will have to go buy some.

Teresa Farmer said...

Thanks for posting this. I live in Herriman so our water is horrible and so hard that our dishes are white and streaky after I wash them so I will definitely have to try what you use.

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