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Wednesday, (23 Feb.) is the last FREE DAY at Salt Lake City's HOGLE ZOO until next winter.  The zoo is located near the University of Utah on Sunnyside Ave.  (across the street from "This Is The Place Monument" park.)  Are you going for a play date?

"Joy is not in things - it is in us."  Richard Wagner

13 February, 2011 - 20 February, 2011

#1  (Almost) all of the Christmas is put away.

#2  I am back ed to trying new recipes, planning menus and a bit of shopping.

#3  On Monday night my vision stated going "weird".  Flashes of light, lots of floaters and a film over my right eye.  I looked on line and it said to see your eye Dr. quick.  It could be a retina detachment.
On Tuesday I called our favourite family eye Dr.  (Dr. Rob Gray @ Eyecare of Lehi).   He was out of town for the week.  I decided to call the Sam's Club Dr.  He said it was smart that I went in.  After a through search, he said that my there was a "vitreous detachment".  This COULD have made a macular hole or retina tear-and meant surgery and maybe blindness.  I am so happy that it was only a visual problem.
He said next time it happened I still needed to get it checked quick.  What!  This will happen again?  Yea.  Come to find out it happens once to EACH eye.  (It takes awhile to fully slide down.  I am sick of the fuzziness and floaters.)  It can be caused by trauma (my surgery?), usually not before 50 and usually by 80.
I am so happy that my vitreous did not pull my retina with it.  Especially because...

#4  I finished a book that I have been reading a little at a time.  (About 1 chapter a day until neck stuff.)
"The Gift of the Atonement  (Favorite Writings on the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ)"  I really loved this book and feel like it was just what I needed. 
My reading goal now is to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (in the New Testament) and Third Nephi (from the Book of Mormon) before Easter.  (24 April, 2011)

#5  For play date we had a fun little Valentine's Party with Logan, Layne and Annie.  Games, treats, heart lunch, crafts and puzzles...  Fun. (Pics later.)

#6  Every  single person was here for Sunday dinner (except Christy who was with her family).  David picked grilled steak and fish (which was excellent, Dear) for his birthday dinner.  Happy Birthday, David.

#7  Doug and I  watched a fun movie for our date night.  (We are very happy to plan at home date nights.)  We watched the new(er) "Sorcerer's"s Apprentice".  It was fun, and it was New York.  (Sometimes I watch a show or movie for the New York camera shots :-)

#8  I am making a fun new project.  (And practical.)  I will post it when I am done :)

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Zion And Missy said...

A few things...you only had 8 this week. :-/
As I am sure you know, my mom and I are going to New York. We will let you know when we are in "the spot" and we can wave to you!
You received a dresser/side table last year from a junk pile? Ever finish it?
Hope you are feeling better/besides that nasty issue with the eyes...not something I would want to be without.
As always, perfect Cafe Rio salad last week. :) Thanks for that post!!

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