Monday, February 14, 2011


"Where there is great love there are always great miracles."  Willa Cather

#1 I went to the neurosurgeon on Tuesday and do not have to wear a brace anymore.  I can bend "with deliberation" and ride in cars  Whoo Hoo.
After my appointment Doug and I went to lunch at TOCANOS (in the Gateway) with a "glad you can go out, mom" gift certificate from the kidults. 
TOCANOS is a Brazilian restaurant with salad bar(s), hot sides,and servers that bring a great variety of meats to your table throughout the dining.  It was really good.  (Now I know why my kidults + Lincoln and Logan love it there.)  I was really impressed with the quality and attentiveness of the servers and management.  THANK-YOU VERY MUCH, KIDS.

#2  Doug (and Mark) took me grocery shopping on Saturday.  And Lindsay drove me to Cub Scouts.   I got to go to church on Sunday.  I am happy I can ride in cars, now.

#3  Emily brought home BBQ ribs (from Market Street Grill) on SUPER BOWL SATURDAY since I could not go to the SUPER BOWL PARTY at Grandma's and Grandpa's.

#4  I read John Grisham's new book, "The Confession".  I enjoyed it AND it is great to be able to read again.

#5  Yep, I can read again.  I have had fun reading blogs on the computer.  And I am happy I can post on MY blog again :-)

#6  In several places, and with different themes, I have seen the year long "52 P" Project.  It involves taking a picture each week that will illustrate your year.  I am happy to be doing that.  (Only 1 problem.  My memory card has been lost since Friday night.  UGH!)

#7  Ashley has a pair of earrings that I love every time I see them on her.  Leslie, Lindsay and Hilary looked at the store they were from, with no luck :( 
Mark and Ashley checked at both store locations.  No luck :(  Then one day a box came UPS.  Yep!  Mark and Ashley had ordered the earrings for me on line.  THANK YOU!  I love them.  A lot. (Not sure they were me, but they are now.)

#8  I am really happy (and so grateful) That Leslie and Lindsay dye my hair for me.  I used to dye my own hair all the time until about 1 year ago.  One of my daughters came home from work with a story about a woman (now known as SPOT) who had missed a part of hair and walked around with a large gray "spot".  Yes I do appreciate their attention to detail :)  (If I had shaved my head at the beginning of my spine problems, I wonder how long my hair would be now?)

#9  While everyone was gone on Super Bowl Sunday, the little screw fell out of my glasses and the lens fell out.  No reading or computer use until someone could take them in.  (I looked hard for the screw.  Even used a magnet.)  When Doug came home, he found the screw still in the hole.  He fixed them for me :)

#10  I can cook again (and unloaded the dishwasher).

I will post pics when the memory card is found.
On "What I Buy, Wednesday" I will share one of my favourite treats to buy when we are out.


Leslie said...

I am so glad you got your earrings. They are so cute.

Lindsay Quinney said...

I am so so glad you can ride in the car again. It was great going out with you today!

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