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25 July - 1 August, 2010

"There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle."  Albert Einstein

About 10 years ago my brother Michael's family got transferred to Utah.  We were able to spend a few years with their family.  When their new daughter, Tashina, was blessed one of the testimony's said, "A miracle isn't so much what happens, as it is the timing of what happens."  Michael's ward  8 April, 2001

#1  I am happy to be getting a new grandchild.  :D  Lindsay, David and Logan are having a new bebe' in January 2010.  We will find out next month who is coming, but for now Logan has named "it" Baby sister so we all call it that.  (Right now most of us are guessing boy.  Logan is SURE it is  baby sister.)

#2  Fast Sunday makes me happy.  (In our faith ((The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Often referred to as "Mormons") we go without food/drink for 2 meals on the first Sunday of the month..  We donate money saved to help provide for others in need on a local area.  Thru fasting and prayer, we can humbly pray for those things closest to our heart or on our mind.)

#3  I am so happy to be in my own bed again.  And so happy to be free of beach ants.  (Although the bed in Melbourne was quite comfortable.  Or maybe I was especially tired?)

#4  Happy Birthday, Mom.  We celebrated my mom in laws 70th birthday on Sunday.  The party was great.  The whole family worked together.  Kristin's family planned and decorated.  Lisa's family planned the fun games and music.  Michael's family bought and cooked all of the meat .  My family did the family pictures.  Wendy's family did the hot side dishes.  Brent's family brought salads, including one made entirely from their garden.  Everyone helped with food.
Every child, grandchild (29 - except for Jordan in South America on a mission, and 1 out of town) and grandchild in law, and great grandchild (2) was there.  Everyone wrote a note to Grandma, and everyone got their picture taken with her.  It was a really fun and happy night.  I am so happy to be a part of my husbands family.  Thank-you, Johnsons.  (Dad will hit 75 next year.  What's the plan?)

#5  Fresh Utah Corn.  Mom gave us some that Doug grilled.

#6  We were listening to "Music and the Spoken Word" and they began my favourite song.  "Meditation from Thais" (by Massenet)  was beautifully by the violinist.  I listen to this about 8 times a week.  (It is in the soundtrack of "Ladies in Lavender ;)

#7  All of my kidults worked together to get something done that I have wanted for almost a year.  (Keith also helped.  Thank-you.)

#8  Doug's company moved their offices.  Now he works about 15 minutes closer.  He passes Macey's (one of our favourite grocery stores) on the way home.  He said if I need something he can stop and pick it up.  Just like stopping at the Bodega.  (His words.  I so love him.) 

#9  I made frozen yogurt pops that were good.  (Remember after filling the pop with any yogurt, to tap the holder until all the bubbles are gone.  Then stab it a few times to pop a few more.)  I wonder if freezing kills the live cultures? 
Why did this make me happy?  I had read in a blog about making frozen applesauce pops.  They were not a hit.  Doug did not like them.  I took one bite and thought they felt like rubber and tasted off.  Logan (2 1/2) bit down to take a bite and gave it back.  He wanted a real Popsicle : )

#10  For our flights to and from Australia we flew QUANTUS. We flew Premium Economy, and the food and service were very nice.  (Served with crystal and real linens...)  One of the "Refreshments" they served was "Toasted Turkish Bread with Italian Salami, Mozzarella, Tapenade and Rocket".  (Rocket is a thin (weedy looking) lettuce that has pokeys on the sides of the leaves.  I usually see this in "Spring Mix" salads.)
 The sandwich was so good.  So good.  Turns out that I love tapenade.  So, I started reading and experimenting.  I picked up Kalamata olives and capers at Trader Joes in CA.  Sadly, the olives jar seal was either popped when I got it, or popped on the drive back to Utah.  (Since they were packed in olive oil, I threw them away :(  I bought more in the bulk at Winco.  
I made my tapenade on Saturday and we made paninis for dinner.  I made my sandwich just like the one I had on the flight (but forgot and added tomatoes).  It was so good.  I will use tapenade on sandwiches as well as with meat and cheese trays.  It was so good.
Here is my tapenade recipe.

my recipe

1/2 - 3/4 cup pitted Kalamata olives, drained and SEEDED (mine were in a vinagar)
1 - 2 cloves of garlic
1 table. capers (rinsed and drained)
1 tea. dry basil (or thyme, oregano or parsley) OR 1 table. fresh basil (...)
2 teas. olive oil
dash of lemon juice
grated Parmesean cheese

In mini food processer (or by hand) quick chop the olives, garlic and capers.  Toss in the fresh herbs and quick chop. (If using dry, just put in right before oil.)  Run for a second or so while pouring in the olive oil.
Put tapenade in serving dish/fridge container and add dash of lemon juice and some fresh grated parmesaen cheese.  For full flavour, chill before serving.  mmmm
Tomorrow I will review the beach/trip books that I read.

Thursday I will post the (easy) recipe for one of my favourite "cool off " summer treat recipes.     

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Lindsay Quinney said...

It was fun celebrating Grandma's birthday. I am glad we could finally get the JOHNSON family pictures done for you!

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