Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MY BEACH/TRIP BOOK REVIEWS, and some week-end ideas

It was great to have time to read in July. 

I finished 3 books. 
The first one I read was from LaRue (winner).  The book was "Tara Road" by Maeve Binchy.  The book is 648 pages and never felt long. 
I enjoyed this book that covers 30 years. It takes place in Ireland and the people felt real and genuine.  I liked Ria, and was sad to see her story end.  I thought the ending was legitimate (but my mom in law did not like it).  If you enjoy family saga type books, her writing is good.  I have another one of hers in my stack for this month.
Tara Road
My second book (from Gaylene (winner)) was "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" by Jamie Ford.  I thought the story was good and the writing well done. 
The story is about a friendship began during WW11 between a Japanese girl and Chinese boy.  It was so interesting to learn more about this time in our country's history.  A time when Japanese families that were American citizens were put in "camps". 
(My mom has told us her story about the day they came into her kindergarten class and removed a Japanese boy.)
I connected with the Chinese boy.  The story was his. and told from his point.  I did think the Japanese girl was a bit flat.
The story is told in chapters.  Part of the chapters are from the 40s and part are current (1985).  I felt like the characters in the 40s chapter were more real.  I wish Marty and Edith had been fuller. 
I liked and enjoyed this slice of history set in Washington (state).

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

The third book I read was "Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer" by John Grisham.  (Emily (winner))  It is not his (Grisham) fault that I did not like it.  It was one of his new books.  I had no idea it was a kid's book. 
It was boring with no suspense.  The law info. was remedial.  I finished it because it was all I could get to on the airplane flight.  It only took a few hours. (Then I watched 2 movies.)

I will deliver prizes this week.

"Ford County" by John Grisham (Funny story about this coming)
"The Return Journey" by Maeve Binchy
"The Right Stuff" by Tom Wolfe

What are you reading?  Has anyone read "Eat, Pray, Love"?  What did you think of it?  Let us know what you like to read.  (Have you had time to read this summer?)

Are you planning your week-end?
On Saturday night at about 9:30, Saturn, Venus and Mars and Mercury will be very close together in the western sky.  An easy thing to check out.
Next Thursday night (12 Aug.) is the best night to view Perseid's Meteor Shower. 
We have so many happy family memories of watching meteor showers.  One winter night/morning we drove up into the mountains for a great view.  We got one.  We saw a GIANT one.  It seemed very close.  Then we got stuck in snow. (We were in Old Whitey.)  Emily and Mark pushed us out.
There have been late night swim parties at Michael and Kate's as we waited and watched.  And lots of camp outs in the backyard.  We will be checking out the show next Thursday.

We have always stayed current to astronomy events and sky questions by call the planetarium info. line. Patrick Wiggens used to be be the voice of it.  He was so good.  Educational, personable and funny.  I miss him.  The guy now is technical without a lot of family friendly info., but the facts are there.  For Salt Lake valley info. you can call

CLARK PLANETARIUM - 801-532-7827  Then push  #5  for recorded sky watch info.  All of this is pre-recorded.  OR  (There you can click on "The Sky Tonight".)

Also this week end in Sandy, Utah is the Hot Air balloon event.  (It is storming and hailing here right now, so we'll see.)
The hot air balloon launches are scheduled for August 6 & 7 (Friday and Saturday) morning at Storm Mountain Park (11400 South  1000 East, Sandy) from 6:30 - 8:oo a.m.
The evening balloon launches will be at South Towne Mall in the large community area (10000 South  175 West, Sandy) from 8:oo - 10:oo p.m. on Saturday only.  ( )

Are you planning on joining us to sell at the yard sale NEXT WEEK-END?  Time to collect, organize and price.  

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Emily said...

You already know that I recommend Hunger Games. Patrick Wiggins does a physics show at the Natural History Museum. Not sure how often but I know he does it the first Monday night of the month. Free night. Aulais loved the show!

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