Monday, August 9, 2010


1 August - 8 August, 2010

"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.   Arthur Rubenstein

#1  Emily had cataract surgery on Monday.  Everything turned out fine.  She will get her other eye done this Monday.

#2  Swimming.

#3  I got 22 things ironed on Friday.  YEA!   (I wanted to get ironing done so I could focus on the yard sale.)

#4  I got my pineapple cutter ordered from Leslie's Pampered Chef party.  (I borrowed Kate's and loved it.)  Debbie and Karyn got it for me.  Thank-you very much.
#5  Lindsay and David took out the glass shower doors in the house they are working on.  I hate shower doors.  (We have REALLY hard water.)  We have always had them (and replaced them when I couldn't stand them) because I did not want the kids constantly splashing water on the floor.
WAIT A MINUTE.  I DON'T HAVE ANY KIDS:)   Shower doors out.  Shower curtain in.  (O.K. I do still have to remove the 2 side bars and bottom track.  They are caulked in and it was late Saturday night.   30 points for Lindsay.

#6  I am happy we have hired a gardener.  After being gone for over 2 weeks, it needed help. (The only thing we have gotten from the garden so far (Doug's and David's) are 2 zucchini and 1 potato.)  It is night by the time Doug gets home from work.  I feed the gardener, too.  Thank-you so much, Mark :D

#7  Book club makes me happy.

#8  Leslie came home from doing respite care for a week.  :)

#9  I have an advertiser.  I could not figure out how to show her button, but I will do that tomorrow.  (Actually a kidult will.)
Welcome Megan.  Megan sells "Pampered Chef".  She is who we use when we need a new seasoning or gadget or...  I (sort of for now) have her link on the right side of my blog.

#10  Doug bought a new computer for me.  YEA!  (Oddly enough I am doing my 10 things on my "baby" computer.)  I want to start doing family history and needed more memory and a bigger screen.  Thank-you so much, Dear. 

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Woo Hoo!! Thirty points. I think a shower curtain will be so much better. And your looks great!

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