Tuesday, August 31, 2010


" A good home must be made, not bought."  Joyce Maynard

22 August - 29 August, 2010

#1  I have done 100 posts this year  :-)

#2  Doug took Monday off (for his birthday).  We were going to go to a baseball game, but ended up not.  What did we do for his birthday?  We flipped our mattress, watched Logan and I went to a funeral. 

#3  We went to Classic and climbed in the jungle for a fun play date.  It was one of our last summer play dates before Layne and Annie (the girl Leslie nannies) started kindergarten. 

#4  It was a busy week with Hilary and Lindsay working long hours getting ready for the boutique.  The boutique ended up being slow.  Because of very windy weather, it was held inside.  We had a nice day together and friends and family found us. 

#5  Leslie made her first pie crust.  She did a great job.  She made a chocolate cream pie and we made a fresh peach pie together.  (I will post the recipe and blog address later this week.)  The peach pie was so good.

#6  Emily bought a fun homemade ice cream book for me.  It has recipes sized for the smaller freezers.  I have enjoyed it.  A lot.  Thank-you very much, Emily.
Ice Cream!

#7  I thought of a GREAT idea for my brother-in-law's birthday.  I hired someone to make the playing card holders and they came back so much better than I thought they would.  He did a great job building them.  My idea made me happy.  The finished product made me happy.  I hope they work well, and I will still be happy.

#8  There was a television show in 2004 that I really liked.  My nephew copied some of my old videos (happy) on to DVD (happier) for me. Then my sister-in-law said it might be easier if he copied them from on-line.  I came home and looked on-line.  I FOUND THE WHOLE SERIES ON EBAY.  All 41 episodes on 10 DVDs for ONLY $25.oo and FREE SHIPPING!!!  (HAPPIEST:)  (He said I could offer less, but I couldn't.)
The show?  "MYSTERIOUS WAYS"  Great show.  And I have all 41 episodes.

#9  I am happy Lindsay and David have their appliances.

#10  Doug's car is fixed.  The head gasket was not ruined.  YEA!

Did you see the ice cream book that Emily bought for me?  She hunted all over and found one for you.  I am putting it in the basket of my" favourite things".  Watch for there to be 60 Followers and one of them will get the contents of the basket.   


ashlee said...


The book was "On Gold Mountain" by Lisa See. It covers about 100 years and tells the story of the author's family's immigration to America. They're from China. I ended up scanning through the last 80 pages because I just couldn't bring myself to read any more. My friend insists that her other books are good, but you won't find me reading them any time soon, and by that I mean ever. Too many other things on my list!

Lindsay Quinney said...

I am so happy that it wasn't the head gasket on dad's car. Also I looked through that ice cream book and I so want it!

Emily said...

I looked way hecka hard for more of the ice cream books but no luck...

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