Thursday, August 19, 2010

BITS & PIECES - a craft for my address

If you stopped by the yard sale you saw my address rock. 
The rock came with the house, but as a stepping stone.  I wanted our house address etched into it and called around.   The quotes I got started at $150.oo.
I wanted it done so I tried using "Cricket" vinyl numbers.  (Big laugh here :)  With my house facing south, the were off in an hour. 
So I used the "Cricket" vinyl number stencils (the left-overs from removing the numbers).  I traced the numbers on my rock and painted them using craft paint that I already had.
I finished my project by spraying a protective coat over it.  I used the inexpensive KRYLON Crystal Clear Flat spray.  (about $3.oo at Wal-mart).  It is an indoor/outdoor paint.
I did this 2 summers ago.  It has held up - wonderfully.  I do re-spray it several times a year.

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