Tuesday, August 17, 2010


8 August - 15 August, 2010

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."  Henry Ward Beecher


#1  I am SO happy the yard sale is over.  Everyone sold something.   (I bought a griddle and a fun building toy for the boys.) 
Another yard sale down.
I did learn some things.
May sales are much better than August sales.
I want to get a canopy.
Either way, the sale is over and I get my garage back.

#2   Last week-end Doug got a new computer for me.  This week a lady from my church came over and taught me how to work on Family History and Index, using the computer.

#3  "MOVIES ON THE LANE".  Four Mondays during the summer Grandpa has neighborhood movie night.  He uses a blow up big screen and projector.  Everyone (family, friends and neighbors) come.
Grandma makes dinner before hand for family.  Thank-you, Grandma and Grandpa for a fun summer.

#4  Leslie made me happy.  She took donations to the thrift store for me. (Three trips.)
She weeded ALL the front yard.  (She likes it because she can listen to books.)  I like because... you know why.
It was also Leslie's week to do kitchen.  She does the best job of all kidults. 

#5  Everyone, except Layne, was here for Sunday dinner.  And at the same time.  :D

#6  I am happy everyone helps with meals.  Emily got the Chicken Cordon Bleu for last Sunday.  Hilary got the scones from Sconecutter for this Sunday.  (We order them and pick them up on Saturday.)

.#7  Swimming!  (So sad summer is almost over.)

#8  After looking lots of places for "Cupcake Pebbles" (a newer Post cereal) @ WINCO.  Emily helped the kids "Pebbles Cupcakes" (like Rice Krispie Treats.  They frosted them and put sprinkles on them. mmm

#9  Doug spoke in the hospital branch on Sunday.  It was quite relaxing.  There were the 3 men leaders, a couple that does the music, and us.  The meeting lasts about 1/2 hour.  It was nice.
Then we went to our church meeting and substituted in the nursery with Hilary.  Add this to our Sunday dinner, and it was a very nice day.

#10  Lindsay and David ended up with a major cabinet problem.  Their granite counter tops (from the house) were not going to fit.  So they were going to have to get a less expensive counter top - and have to wait 2 weeks for it.  Doug gave me an idea, and I followed thru on it.  And paid for it.  And it worked.
How many points can I have for solving the problem?  :)

I am filling a basket with some of my favourite things.  When I have reached 60 Dear Followers, I will random.org a winner of the basket.  Today I am putting a fun boy fan photo album that I made.  I am including things to embellish it.  These are fun to leave on a table  (and could be used for a holiday gift).

Later this week I will add a cute hair clippie that Hilary made.  She and Lindsay are busy preparing for the fall boutique at WHEELER FARM on Saturday, August 28th.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

You get a million points for the cabinet situation! Thank you so much!

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