Thursday, August 12, 2010


Left-over thoughts from July.

#1  Do you remember JAM shorts?  (They were bright, knee length, easy to sew shorts from the late 80's,-early 90's.)  It was fun helping the kids pick out the fabric and sewing them.

#2  The biggest jar of SKIPPY peanut butter varies in price by $4.00 in the stores where I shop.  (Wal-Mart is cheapest right now.)

#3  When we went to Australia, I packed several small bottles of starch for ironing.  We had a washer and dryer in our hotel room, with laundry soap-but not dryer sheets.  Our laundry came out with LOTS of static.   The ironing mix that I make with starch worked great on the static.

#4  I have usually heard the spice TURMERIC pronounced TUR-mur ic.  Lately on t.v. (Throwdown, Next Food Network Star...) I am hearing it pronounce tur-MER-ic.

#5  On Toddlers and Tieras  (I got trapped at the train wreck one night.) the mom had her 4 year old get a chocolate facial.  To brighten her skin.  It was much weirder to watch than it sounds.

#6  I love aromatherapy in the shower, but am not a fan of bath gels/body washes.  I like BATH & BODY WORKS variety's so, I squirt a bit in the back corner of the shower and aim the shower head.  It works great and I can still use my favourite bar soap.

#7  While in California we went to dinner at PIRATE'S DINNER ADVENTURE (Buena Park).  (Similar, and next door to MEDIEVAL TIMES    .
The seating is bench style, facing the "ship".  The menu has 2 choices, and the food is adequate at best.  It is basic and uninspired.
BUT, the show was fun.  It was quite a professional production with quality actors.  The audience involvement was well done.  My husband is quite quiet and without a dramatic bone in him, yet was comfortable with some participation.  And it was so fun to see my 2 1/2 year old grandson waving his SPRITE mug as he sang, "Drink, drink, drink". 
Our almost 9 year old Lincoln was taken and dressed up as part of the Royal Army that saves the day.  It was fun.
Our tickets were $30.00 each and were 1/2 price tickets.  (We went mid-week.)  If you plan on attending, be sure you call for discount days or find coupons.  (While it was worth $30.00, it was not worth $60.00.)
You do want to make reservations in advance.

My Menus
Thursday - Tacos (Leslie's request)

Friday - JDAWG Chicken (crock-pot)

Saturday - "pick-a-can" or  healthy Subway

Sunday - Navajo Tacos (family comes over)

Monday - Dinner @ Grandma and Grandpas  I will take S'more Brownies.

Tuesday - Bengal Beef

Wednesday - Mexican Lasagna (new recipe)

Thursday - Oven egg scramble

Friday - Korean Candy Chicken (new recipe) or healthy Subway

What are you eating ?  If you have a favourite recipe that you would like to guest post, let me know :)

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Zion And Missy said...

I wish I could go to your yard sale. Sounds fun. I would love to do a guest post for one of my favorite recipes. Let me know how to do it (as I have no idea).

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