Monday, August 23, 2010

SOMETHING FOR THE GIVE AWAY BASKET (and my husband's birthday recipe;)


10:oo - 6:oo
6351 South 900 East
Murray, Ut

My daughters ( will have a booth there with clippies and other childrens items.  They have given me a cute *PRINCESS* clippie and headband to put in my  "FAVOURITES BASKET".  I will add something every week until I have 60 dear followers.  Then, I will a winner (from my follower list) to recieve the basket. 
Check out the cute princess collection.  (The winner will get to choose their favourite princess :)  Sign up to be a follower on my blog for a chance to win.  (To see the cute photo album I put in this week, visit the 17 August post - !0 Things That Made Me Happy")

Check out their blog AND get a free ribbon flower clippie IF you are a follower of theirs, AND if you visit their booth on Saturday at Wheeler Farm.


I love you.  Thank-you for all you do.  Happy Birthday, Honey.
I will post my "10 Things..."  later this week. 
Today is my husband's birthday :-)   I was going to write "10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY ABOUT MY HUSBAND".  Then I decided I would just write it for him.

So, for Doug's birthday I am posting the ice cream dessert that Doug picks e v e r y  year for his birthday cake.  This is one of my kidults favourite foods.  (They all came over for it yesterday.)  It is also one of my 5 oldest recipes.  I got it (and slightly adapted it) before I was married.  (Since we are approaching our 32 anniversary, and since I have no clue who gave it to me, and I adapted it, I am calling it mine.)


6 oz. chocolate chips
1 can evaporated milk 12 oz.
about 10 1/2 oz. mini marshmallows

6 table. butter (margarine is o.k.)
1 1/2 cups coconut
2 1/2 cups crushed rice krispie cereal  (about 3 cups uncrushed)
1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

1/2 gallon or so :( vanilla ice cream - in a rectangle box (not round)

Step 1
In a large skillet melt chocolate chips and evaporated milk (just til melted).  Stir in marshmallows just until melted.  Cool in fridge about 1/2 hour.

Step 2
Melt butter in a large skillet.  Stir in coconut and stir until light brown. I put my rice cereal into a small mixing bowl.  Then I make a fist and just kind of grind it down in a few times.  Add to butter mix and stir.  Let cool.

Step 3
Open all sides and ends of ice cream carton.  Use a long knife and cut (long way) into lots of slices  (about 12).  Then cut all the slices in 1/2.  (Emily has picked this for her birthday for awhile now, too.  If my cutting directions do not make sense, let me know.  I will do a tutorial with Emily's.  (Sept.))

Step 4
In a 9 x 13 pan, layer 1/2 the coconut/cereal mix..  Then lay down 1/2 the ice cream squares.  Top w/ 1/2 of the partially cooled chocolate sauce.  The next layers are (layer 4)  the rest of the ice cream.  Layer 5 is the rest of the chocolate sauce, then top with the rest of the "crunch".  Chill at least 4 hours.  (The hardest part is finding a place in the freezer:)

( I had to use my yucky 9 x 13 pan because it is bigger than the glass ones.  We needed lots of servings.)


Lindsay Quinney said...

Ice cream crunch just might be the best dessert ever!

Leslie said...

I totally agree. There is never enough of the stuff. I think Dad should start having a birthday at least once a month.

Emily said...

Ice cream crunch day is the best day of the year! Good thing it is almost my birthday so we can have it again:)

christy said...

I read your blog this week - AND I am commenting. It's quite a shocker

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