Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WINNER!!! And a new Blog Give Away

Hi. I am getting back to my blog from #1- Our son's wedding, #2- out of town company, #3- a cold and #4- a throw up flu.
Thank-you so much, Rachel for posting your waffle recipe. We really liked it. Plus, it is easy. (Also, as a side note, I am usually happy to loan waffle irons, fake panini press or whatever.)
Thank-you Lindsay for updating while I was sick.

First off, a Blog Follower Give Away Winner. (I wanted to post the proof, but my computer froze before Lindsay came over to move it to my blog. Sorry.) I have had fun building this basket with some of my favourite things, so I am starting another basket this week. I will a winner from registered blog followers when I have 43 followers.

I am sure that is not why you are here. The basket give away is 22!!! I don't know Kayleen, but am enjoying the blogging and followers process. I will get your prize to you, Kayleen. (And no, I did not cheat, Melissa.) I tried to email you, but could figue out how. Contact me when ever you see this. I live in Sandy, Utah.
When you get the basket, please post and let us know what you think :^)
On Friday I will post a Thursday Throwback recipe. (I have cub scouts at my house this Thursday + TONS of errands undone.) Next week I will be back to the regular blogging schedule. (Did you know that I have a schedule:^)

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