Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yea, I know it is Saturday. For my throw back recipe this week I am posting our family's favourite easy ground beef stroganoff. Doug likes it on rice. I like it on egg noodles. So, I make both.

Easy Ground Beef Stroganoff

1/2-1 lb. browned hamburger
onion salt
2 table. butter/margarine
1/8 tea. garlic powder
1/8 cup water
2 table. flour
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
3/4 (soup) can milk
1 cup sour cream

cooked rice, noodles or potatoes (left-overs work great)

Heat first 6 ingredients until mixed and warm. (beef, onion salt, butter, garlic powder, pepper & water)

Add flour and stir about 5 mins.

Stir in soup and milk and simmer 10 mins., then stir in sour cream

This is an easy recipe (especially if you had your hamburger already browned in the freezer), but I wanted to make it easier. I decided to try my frozen Sam's Club meatballs. I visited a few cooking blogs looking for an easy Swedish Meatball recipe. Then I BLINGOed (like Google, but 2 of my kidults won over $500.oo by using it. Ask if you care.) and got a lot of IKEA copycat recipes that were similar. This recipe is so easy, and was really enjoyed. I guess I should go try IKEA's someday and see if these are close, or just good and easy.

Very Fast Easy Meatballs (I could hardly wait to share this with you:)
adapted from internet
defrosted Sam's Club (or Costco or home made or...) meatballs (I used enough to cover the bottom of my skillet)
1 can beef gravy (10.5 oz.) (or 2 if you double the sauce;)
1/2 gravy can of 1/2 and 1/2 (or 1 can if you double the sauce;)
1 bit of grated fresh nutmeg

Brown the thawed meatballs. (I cut mine in 1/2 for more browning surface)
Drain. Then add gravy and 1/2 and 1/2. Heat thru. Stir in a bit of fresh grated nutmeg.
Serve over ... Try this and let me know what you think. I think this is going on my 30 Meals list. (My pictures are bad. I know. It was one of those nights where people were coming and going and coming)
I am finishing up something that will go in the new favourites basket. (I have some fun ideas:)


Lindsay Quinney said...

I sure do love your stroganoff!

Emily said...

I love your stroganoff too!!! I am bummed I did not get to try this new version.

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