Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

4 April - 11 April, 2010
"Everybody's got a laughing place-trouble is most folks won't take the time to go look for it. And where it is for one, mightn't be for another." Song of the South

It has been awhile since I have done my 10 things, but there have been plenty of things that have brought joy and happiness this month.

#1 I felt such joy and peace at Mark and Ashley's marriage ceremony. I knew it was all done right. The whole day was great.

#2 I enjoyed having my mom come visit and stay with us for the wedding. It was nice having her here.

#3 I enjoyed meeting some of Mark's former missionary companions at the reception.

#4 We were able to attend the Draper Temple with Ashley the Tuesday before the wedding. It was very nice. I think my favourite temple visit yet.

#5 With Mark gone... I am turning his bedroom into a playroom/guest room for the boys (Logan, Layne, Lincoln). It is fun putting up some of the Disney and organizing toys in there.

#6 Doug makes me happy. He is so dear. Every morning I watch 2 neighborhood boys for about an hour before school, and do their carpools. Doug lets them in most days and gets their t.v. show on, and THEN comes and wakes me up. Thank-you, dear.

#7 Remember my broken rice cooker? (I still miss it. It made about 20 cups of rice.) Emily picked up the biggest one that Walmart had for me. WHAT! It only made 8 cups. (I already returned it.) Then I went to Target and bought a 14 cup rice cooker. When I brought it home, it was still much smaller than my old one. Emily looked at it and said that she bought that was the size she used had when she lived alone. I went down and looked in her kitchen-and there it was. A barely ever used 14 cup rice cooker. A $30.oo 14 cup rice cooker is way too small, but a free 14 cup rice cooker is wonderful. (It actually works better than my old one. It kept rice warm for 1 hour with no sticking:) Thank-you, Emily. Thirty points for you. (I already returned the Target one.)

#8 Leslie had some time off on Friday and so we went to the D.I. (local thrift store). I found something that I have wanted for awhile. A violin. I love to listen to violin music (Joshua Bell's Ladies in Lavender is my favourite.). I have wanted one to display. As I passed the collectible area (actually we had checked out. I was just running back to wash my hands.) they were putting out a Suzuki Violin in the case for $25.00. I am so pleased. This goes on my list of top finds. Thank-you for going with me, Leslie. (How many points would you like?)

#9 I am glad that for this week-end, spring is here. I love spring. I welcome the birds and flowers. Some people make New Year resolutions. I make mine in the spring and fall.
Maybe we can even have next Sunday dinner outside.

#10 My vacuum has been STUPID!! The belt breaks every time I use it. (EUREKA High Filtration Commercial Vacuum (I do not like bagless ones.) It was over $150.oo at Sam's Club about 6 months ago. It has been a pain. After borrowing Lindsay's for the wedding week, I bought a new one. It was only $39.oo. Doug said for that price I could buy a new one every year. I hope I don't need to (I hate the idea of filling the land with old vacuums). (Luckily I bought the new vacuum before may so that no one is even thinking Mother's Day;)

Now, to my give away basket. Kayleen won the basket of some of my favourite things last week. To get the basket Kayleen, contact me by Monday, April 20th. If I have not from her, I will draw again.

To start filling the new Follower Give Away Basket, I am adding a Star Photo Album. I made a girl and boy one this week-end, and the winner may choose one of them. I am posting a picture of the albums, and will collect the embellishments and ribbons this week. I love paper crafting, and hope you want to win one of these. I will add something to the basket every week until there are 43 dear followers. Then I will draw a winner.


Kayleen the Violinist said...

Wow, I won? I'm totally shocked! My email is and I don't know how to contact you otherwise. Thank you so much! <3

Emily said...

What can I turn my 30 points in for? :)

Leslie said...

I think I should get all the points:)

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