Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday!

On Fridays I like to share a blog that I like and have chosen to follow. (At the end of a year I will have have 52 blogs on my side bar. WOW) I look for a blog that I feel great recommending to anyone. I want it to be positive, friendly and a blog that shares. (I like it when we get to know the blogger a bit :) You know how I found her. A blogger friend of a blogger friend of...

The blog I am following today is a small cooking blog. It is clean and neat and easy for me to follow. (Sigh. I hope I can learn to do that someday. I type my blog with 1 finger on a tiny lap top wit a 6" x 8" screen.)

Her recipes are some she has had for years, and some she tries for us.
Last night I made her Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. They were fun, and easy. (Especially how I did it.)

Ready? Check out Amy, from Frosted Bake Shop. (Address below)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

1 5 pound container of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookie dough (More about this later ;)

1 yellow cake mix (She used white, but we think yellow will be richer)
1 1/3 cup water
1/3 cup oil
3 beaten eggs

At least 2 hours before making cupcakes, prepare cookie balls and freeze. Form about 1 table. cookie dough into a ball. (I got 24 cupcakes, but had only frozen 18 balls :( Put on a cookie sheet and freeze at least 2 hours.

I really like the tub of Pillsbury. It is under $7.oo (barely) at Sam's Club, and makes a LOT. Sometimes I will get them for Sunday dinner if I have had a busy week-end. Then I will get out the extra conference Bingo candy (Reese's Pieces, M&Ms), nuts, raisins, oatmeal... A great gift to give away, too.

Mix cake mix, water, oil and eggs til well beaten. Fill sprayed or lined cupcake cups 2/3 full. Set a frozen dough ball on top. Bake at 350* for 20 mins. (I did 21 mins.) In the blog post you could see the dough ball in the centre. In mine, the dough left a hollow hole. (See photo.) After they have cooled, put in the fridge to chill. Store in fridge.)

I frosted them with this basic, but delicious, family favourite chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Frosting
From Mary Jefferies (Crazy Cake) late 1980's

Beat until smooth and fluffy and frost :)
2/3 cup softened butter or margarine
2 2/3 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
2 table. (about) milk
3/4 tea. vanilla
I also made her recipe for Baguettes. I decided to try it at the last minute when winter came back on Tuesday, and I decided to try a new soup. Both turned out great. I really love the flavour and texture of the pot bread recipe that I use. That recipe is in my January 23, 2010 post. The recipe is from Clawson Live. BUT, that bread gets started the day before. (It was still spring then.)

This recipe makes 2 (about) 12 inch bagettes that have a very good flavour. PLUS, from start to finish, this bread takes 1 HOUR! (One note-DO NOT use instant yeast.) I wish I had a picture, but Mark and Ashley took the rest home with them.) Trust me. It is easy, fast and good. Head over to her blog and try it out. It is on 8 February, 2010. (Still winter in Utah.) THANK-YOU, AMY for a fun blog.

I am adding something to my favourites basket today, too. Two of our daughters are working to prepare for a boutique booth at Wheeler Farm on May 1st (Saturday). They loved my idea of "Bits and Pieces" and have started a blog with their hair bows/haedbands, clippies and hats.. They are really having fun and looking forward to this. Their blog address is . They have given me a sweet red headband with big flower clippie to put in my give away basket. Thank-you, Hilary and Lindsay. They are so cute.
Do you have extra/old/left-over prescription/over the counter medicines hnging around your house? If you live in the Salt Lake City, UT area, there is a drop off tomorrow. Hillcrest High School (Canyons District, Sandy area) is sponsering a drop off tomorrow, Saturday, April 24th. This is a great way to safely dispose of old drugs, declutter your house and protect household members and visitors. Hillcrest is located at 7350 Soth 900 East. The hours are 10-2. Great Earth Day activity.
On Monday I will post the new soup I tried this week.


I'm Thankful for... said...

The cupcakes were good! And thanks for letting people know about our boutique and blog!

Emily said...

I can count dropping off old medicine as Earth Day? Sweet!!!

Rachel Washburn said...

Those cupcakes look yummy I have never heard of them till this weekend when I have had like 3 people talk about them! I will have to try them out!!

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