Monday, March 1, 2010

A HAPPY WEEK, A New Blog Give-A-Way

21 February - 28 February, 2010

"It is precarious to dwell on why we have not been given more. It is, however, beneficial and humbling to dwell on why we have been given so much." Steven E. Snow Oct. 2001

I had a very nice week. One reason was...

#1 I did not make it to Free Zoo Day.. And they had play date with out me. Why? Tuesday night Doug came and whispered in my ear that he had taken Wednesday off. Woo hoo! That made me ...THRILLED.

#2 I am always happy (and will give credit) when someone scrubs my kitchen floor. THANK-YOU, Elana. She came over and cleaned my wood floors on Monday. (On Tuesday Layne wanted to sweep them :^)


#4 I am so so so happy that I finally got (most) of a thank-you package mailed for my VERY wonderful trip to Michael, Tracey, Jenna and Tashina's house on Staten Island (in August). In my defense, I had to find very fresh bread and get it in the box and mailed by a Tuesday. I also had to get the walking tours burned and wait for things I ordered. I am giving myself 50 points as this has weighed heavily on me.

#5 I had a fun cooking week. Some failures. (I keep a list of what not to try again. ALL of them are crock-pot recipes.) My successes this week were a good rice pudding (Not perfect, but my best, yet.) A crock-pot roast (I like my oven one better, but I love crock-pots.). And a focaccia no-knead bread.

Roast-my old way from Anne Sperry

1 chuck roast

1 envelope onion soup mix


This is so easy. Put roast in a roasting pan, with a lid. Sprinkle dry soup mix over roast. Then cover completely with water. Put the lid and cook at 325* for 5 hours. (I like that best, but anywhere between 3 1/2 -5) I prefer chuck roasts. They will shred. If you want to throw in potatoes and carrots, toss them in about 1 1/2 hours before serving.

Crock-pot Roast adapted from Beverly Mills/Alicia Ross via The Deseret News

chuck roast

1 can Italian stewed tomatoes (run thru blender)

1 pack dry onion soup mix

Brown both sides of the roast in a pan on the stove. Spray crock-pot. Put roast in crock-pot and sprinkle dry soup over it. Pour tomatoes in and then fill crock-pot 1/2 way full of water. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.

This was good but in mine the liquid cooks off. That is why II browned the crock-pot roast. ((You could also brown the oven one if you want too.) The left-overs of both of them are great.

#6 Sunday Mark's aunts, Grandma, cousins and sisters (oh my) had a family shower for Ashley. It was very nice and very generous. Mark and Ashley felt loved. All the alphabet gifts were so fun. Thank-you so much family. My food assignment was the marina sauce and the bread. I made 2 loaves of my favourite peasant type bread and 2 focaccia loaves. It is a no-knead recipe (started the day before) that was demonstrated on Studio 5 t.v. show by Kathleen Alder

Easy Focaccia Bread

from Kathleen Alder via Studio 5

3 cups flour

1 1/2 teas. salt (I use kosher)

1/4 teas. INSTANT yeast

2 table. sugar

olive oil

Mix flour, salt, yeast together. Stir water in just until mixed. (I love using my CLEAN hands) Use olive oil to generously oil the bowl. Cover tightly and let set on counter (room temp.) for 12-24 hours.

When you are ready to bake, Pour and spread about 1-2 table. olive oil on a large cookie sheet. This dough will drink any oil you give it, so you may want to use parchment paper (not wax paper) after you oil the pan, and oil that, too. This dough is fragile, sour without stirring, try to slide the dough on to the cookie sheet. (Will need to loosen it and guide it on to the pan with a greased spatula.) Try not to leave any holes. They are more likely to burn. Pour about 2 table. olive oil on top and with spatula gently move dough to fill the pan. You can top it with fresh (or dry) herbs (thyme, sage, course salt...) Let rise 15-20 oven preheats to 450*. Bake 20-25 mins (still at 450*) Loosen from the pan with a spatula as soon as you take it out. SEE NOTES

notes- My first try was too done, so...the next batch I put the rack in the middle of the oven, lowered the heat to 425* and only baked it 18 mins. It was very nice that way.

#7 Music makes me happy. Actually, music Moves My Soul. I was listening to the radio in the car this week. A song came on that took me to another time. I immediately thought of the Trisha Yearwood song, "The Song Remembers When". Interesting how a song or smell brings it back. (Journal entry- The song was "After All" by Peter Cetera and Cher-spring 1989)I had just taken Leslie up the hill to Pat's Pre-School and was still in the drive-way. That song came on, and I had never heard it before. (It is from the movie, "Chances Are") I recognized Cher, but did not know who the male singer was. I decided to wait in the drive-way until the song was over and hear who it was. I had a full car, Lindsay, Mark and Eric, all ready to go back home, but we sat there. The song ended. I heard the singer. We left. As we approach the 13th East and 94oo South intersection we saw a car accident. A car coming north on 13th turned west on to 94th. They over-ran the turn and broadsided a car stopped on 13th E. turning west onto 94th. It had just happened. I mean JUST. The driver's were still in their cars. (And I had just passed that corner 7 minutes ago as I took Leslie to pre-school.) I KNEW I had been prompted, and protected. Each time I hear that song I am taken back to that experience and the gratitude I feel.

As I was growing up, I listened to country music with my dad. (Only with my dad) Although I did love to sing "Rose Garden , Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A... But, country was not cool in those days. And I was my high-school's reporter for the cool rock station (KYNO). Then about 20 years ago a friend introduced me to "Unanswered Prayers", and then "The Dance" (by Garth Brooks) and I was hooked. The gravely voice of Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Lori Morgan... Anyway, I love country music. (I don't listen to it in the car much lately, but...) My country music friend got caught up in worldly stuff. It makes me sad for all of their family. It so reminds me how important it is to keep track of where we are and where we want to be. end of journal entry.)

#8 I enjoyed playing in the nursery (subbing) on Sunday. It was fun to see my little friends.

#9 I have an award today. Melissa (Missy) makes me happy. She has tried, and commented on 10+ recipes or projects. (Doug did comment that he tried them all too.) Thank-you, Melissa. I will mail it tomorrow. Thank-you, Melisa. I really appreciate my followers and their comments. Thank-you for following me :D

#10 I am also starting a new give-away. I will draw a WINNER when I have 32 registered followers. (It is a registered follower only give away this time.) BUT, I am not just sitting on my hands. I am building a basket of some of my favourite things from cooking, crafting, scrap booking and homemaking. I will be adding things several times a week. I will tell you what I am adding. (If I get 32 (total, not new) followers too quick I will still fill the basket with my ideas.) I will post a picture of my favourites for today when Lindsay gets here. I love ANYTHING that glows-in-the-dark! I love Bath & Body soaps. That is all we use at every sink. I love sending Thank-you notes. (Even though it sometimes takes me too long to get them mailed.)

Today (Monday, March 1st) is National Peanut Butter Lover's Day. How will you celebrate?


sbdunn said...

Celebrate national peanut butter day?
Not on my life! But only because I'm allergic. LOL! As a substitute I'll eat sunbutter on apples!

The Johnson's said...

Well thanks for letting me and thanks for all you do for Layne:)We love you and your blog

Zion And Missy said...

Yeah! Wow, I am so excited. I get credit for making awesome recipes! :) So excited.
Didn't know it was NPBD but we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We love them!
Yeah for good recipes!!

Zion And Missy said...

Hey, Uncle Doug has tried them...he did not make them. There is a difference. :)

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