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I loved door knobs and back plates (barely) before they became popular (read expensive). When Wendy and I would visit antique stores/yard/estate sales, these were high on my list to find. I was able to find many before the prices started going up. I have used them in various places and for several uses through out our home.

To hang our towels on in the master bathroom. (These look crooked, but they are not.)
By the shower door in the master bathroom (for a towel or robe).

On a wall with my dad' baby shoes and booties.

To hold an antique picture.

This is my favourite. It was a double-and expensive. We found it at an antique show, and Paula and I split it. We each got one :^) Any ideas on how I can use it? If I use your idea, you will get a prize.
My extras/unused. Almost like treasured Easter eggs in a basket-waiting.

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Kaysi said...

what fun ideas!! I love the antique door knobs, they look great!

Holly said...

Oh my...what a great idea. I used a drawer knob to hang my chalkboard...but really like the way the knobs and back plates look. Thanks for sharing your great idea.
504 Main

Rachel Washburn said...

What a great idea! They look good too! I am really excited to try your lemon blue berry dessert me and my sister can't stop talking about how good it looks. Also I have a question about cooking a roast I noticed you said you cover yours all the way in water, we heard to cover it half way or less we we tried that in a crock pot and it was really good the first then the the second day it was so dried out I had to throw it away. Whats your opinion?

michelle said...

Hi, Rachel. In the oven I cover it all the way and it cooks down more than 1/2. In the crock-pot it does not cook down nearly as much, so I only cover it to just near or just over the top. Here is how to keep it great for the next day-or day after. When you pot your left-over roast in a container, cover it with the left-over pan juices. Then, re-heat it in it's juices. Hope this helps. m

michelle said...

Also, if a roast does dry out, re-heat it in packaged (or homemade) au jus and serve fast, easy french dip. Or, slow cook it with a favourite BBQ sauce. (The vinegar in the sauce will help tenderize it.) Serve on rolls or over rice. Or take the left over meat and add it to a srir fry or soup or enchiladas. Cut it in small pieces or shreds and it will lose some of the dryness from the other ingredients.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Here is what I would do. I would get a big flat clock, print off pictures on computer paper in black and white. I would then do a light coating of modge podge, then antique over the modge podge with stain-so it give a time worn sepia look. Do another coat of Modge Podge over that.

Then I would get a board and wrap it in canvas. I would atach that to the top in the center and hang the clock from it. Before hanging the clock I would write saying or song lyrics about time(if I could capture time in a bottle ...)
I grew up in a home with those old door handle and back plates.
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