Sunday, March 7, 2010


"Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Paul in Phillipians 4:11

28 February - 7 March, 2010

As I was going into Micheal's this week, I saw a mom with 3 (I think) kids leaving. She had bought about 5 oval frames. I thought that was funny because I knew that I was posting about silhouettes for my "Bits & Pieces" on Monday night. I wondered if she blogged, and if I visit her. Maybe I will see those frames sometime soon. With silhouettes in them. Because I live in the Salt Lake, UT valley, I am sure I pass some of the many bloggers I visit.
The other funny thing about blogs is how often we all get the same idea. Or a variation of it. Last fall I saw a recipe for S'more Brownies that was made from scratch. In Jan. I adapted it to simplify it. Turns out this was not a unique idea. Fun to see how we all adapted it.

Now to my 10 things

#1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDSAY!! She turned 24 today. 7 March. We had her birthday dinner today and everyone was here. I love you, Lindsay. I am thankful you are my daughter. Lindsay picked picked spaghetti for her birthday dinner , and we had a pasta bar.

I have a picture of PESTO on pasta here. That's because this week I am going to post some recipes that use pesto sauce. I make mine in the summer, but in the winter I buy a jar of it in the refrigerator section at Sam's Club. I love it on pasta. The first thing I'm going to do is include it in a pasta bar with a Marinara Sauce and an Alfredo Sauce. I still have plenty left, so check back later in the week for some other Pesto ideas. Some of the kidults mix the pesto with Alfredo for a smooth and creamier sauce. Some add a bit to the marinara.

#2 I went to Michael's with Hilary and found something I have looked for for awhile. A front opening shadow box frame! And it was in the clearance area! It was in new condition, originally priced at $39.99. Marked down to $9.99 (so worth it), and I had my coupon for 40% off. $5.99!!! I am so happy. Here's why. I love Sailor's Valentine's. I have a couple, but I have wanted to make my own amazing elaborate one. I started collecting shells, pictures, ideas and a dvd about 5 years ago, and now I can build it. (Well, after the wedding :) As bad as I want to, I am not bringing the shells up to even look at them. But I am happy to have the frame.
#3 30 points for me. I got the pantry emptied, cleaned and put back together. 20 points for Mark. He painted the pantry for me during his lunch times. (O.K. I paid him, but he is getting married in 3 weeks. I was happy to pay him and give him points.) 10 points for everyone else who put up with everything out of the pantry for 6 days.

#4 It's a little thing, but... When I went to Winco for the grand opening, they had a big bottle of hand washing dish soap on sale for $.99. It was not my brand (or any "brand") but it was cheap. I HAVE HATED IT. Yea! I finally finished it on Friday. It was great to fill my bottle with DAWN. The dish soap that bubbles well and releases cooked on food.

#5 Leslie printed some things for me this week. I have needed some things printed for a while. Thank-you, Leslie. It was great timing because I was feeling so obsessed about making my milk cartons. (see last post)) (Although the pictures make them look crooked, they are not. I think the band around it makes it look that way.)

#6 I am so happy that Doug told us (Lindsay and me) that he will put my pictures on my blog. I won't have to wait for Lindsay. Thank-you so much, dear. Thank-you for letting me play the blog game.

#7 I am happy about some of my family's adventures this month.
Matt-coming home from Italy the end of March. He has been on a 2 year mission as a member of our church. (Actually I am happier for his family ;-)
Melissa-Visiting her family in CA. for 1 month (with her kids)
Mom-coming to visit us from CA. for Mark and Ashley's wedding
Karyn and Kirstin-visiting Michael and Tracey and family in New York City for 1 week.

#8 I had fun shopping with Hilary on Saturday. At Joanne's we bought the MARTHA STEWART CUPCAKE BOOK with a coupon. We found what we needed at the $ STORE. We will show what we make as we make them.

#9 Not a great week of new recipes. I tried a new waffle recipe that I had great hopes for. It looked right, but alas the reviews were that they were the same as usual. Still hunting for a (really) good waffle that is easy and does not separate the eggs.
We roasted our chestnuts on Sunday. They burned. Badly. Oh well. Now I will get rid of my chestnut roaster. Been there. Done that.
It turns out that I had 6 bags of white beans in the pantry. (It is quite a bit cheaper to cook with dry beans. I am sure I thought, "I will buy the cans for this week, and the bags for next week-when I have more time") So, I soaked my beans over night and cooked them on Saturday to make white bean chicken chili. It was o.k. I will try a white chili each week until I find one I really like. Or until it is too hot for chili. Which ever comes first.

#10 This is my 49th post. Thank-you for visiting and hanging out. I appreciate you trying my ideas, and leaving comments Sometime this next week I will post some of my "Favourites of Fifty".


Leslie said...

The house still smells like burned chestnuts! It was a bit of an adventure.

Lindsay Quinney said...

I never noticed the burnt smell. Thank you for my birthday dinner mom! It was delicious as always!

Emily said...

I woke up in the night and thought the house was on fire cuz of the smell:)

Rachel Washburn said...

I love pesto sauce I have never cooked with it can you buy it at a regular store? Also I have a recipe for the best waffles ever if you want to try it out I can email it to ya.

michelle said...

Thank-you, Rachel. I would love it. You can post it here on the comments, or-you can call Lindsay, get my password and stuff and do a "guest post". Let me know :-)

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