Monday, March 15, 2010

Pancakes and Waffles, Oh My! and Vanilla Sugar

7 March - 14 March, 2010
"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more of it I have." Thomas Jefferson

After a busy week-end I am back to write. Today I will do my 10 things and add to the give away basket. (I will post our favourite sandwich tomorrow.)

#1 Can you believe Mark and Ashley will be married in less than 2 weeks? Mark will be moving out next Saturday.

#2 All the flowers are ordered and I feel good about the florist we used. Kate recommended "The Rose Shoppe". I really appreciate her help SO much.

#3 Doug & I went to the Salt Lake Temple for a marriage early (VERY EARLY) Friday morning. It was a nice way to start our day. (But way to early.)

#4 Leslie and Christy get 20 points. Each. They put the "new" faucet in the kids bathroom sink. I bought it about 1 year ago. THANK-YOU VERY MUCH! Because, now the sink has it's faucet, and the box is out of the hall. (IT has lived there since Christmas as I have hoped it would get done. Turns out Christy knew how to put them in.)

#5 I took a really fun class with Hilary on Saturday. We really enjoyed it, and we both love our "Star Photo Album" we made. Cute, huh? I have a lot of ideas.

#6 This week's recipes were breakfast things. I have used a "big batch, cheap, easy" recipe that I have used (because I needed quantity) for about 20 years. Or bought a mix. As kidults eat here less, I decided I want a really good pancake and waffle recipe. I tried 2 more waffle recipes, a lemon blueberry muffin and blueberry pancakes. The first waffle recipe was a yeast recipe that you make the night before and can keep in the fridge for several days. It was convenient, but dense and not much flavour. Then I tried Rachel's recipe (a Follower), and really enjoyed it. Thank-you for sending it to me, Rachel. It was fast and easy, so I tossed the yeast one. I am hoping Rachel will guest post the recipe for me the week after Mark's wedding. (Out of towne guests.) I love waffles and have a fun waffle iron collection. (About 8.) Mickey mouse (of course), Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, farm animals, roses, hearts...
I got the pancake recipe from Woman's Day (Jan. 2010). They got very good reviews. Next time I will try them without the blueberries.

Blueberry Pancakes
from Woman's Day
1 cup pancake/waffle mix (I used Heart Smart Bisquick)
3/4 cup milk (I use 1%)
1 large egg
2 tea. sugar
1 teas. baking powder
1 tea. lemon zest
1 table. fresh squeezed lemon juice (Doug wanted more lemon flavour next time)
1/2-1 cup fresh blueberries

Barely mix everything except the blueberries. Should have lumps still. Also, remember when you put eggs in batters like this that you want to mix the egg before adding. (The more you mix, the less fluffy your pancakes/waffles/cookies are. Don't waste your beating with the egg.)

Carefully stir in blueberries. Cook in a hot skillet with butter. (Not just to grease the pan. Adds flavour and crisp crust.) Turn when the edges are set and the top has bubbles. We liked these.

#7 I finished the birthday cards that I am sending to my siblings this year. (I usually have them done by Feb., but needed help. Thank-you Leslie and Doug.)

#8 I am happy I got a perm. (Well, except for the first week or so.)

#9 Each week (or so) I try to find something to do with my theme for this year. ("More Savior Like Thee, Hymn # 131) This week I discovered something interesting. Each request (almost) from the song can be given to a body part. Most are identified to the heart or mind. Here are some of the things I came up with for me. "More joy in His service" - Hands (for serving), "More purpose in prayer - knees, (also gratitude), I choose eyes for "More freedom from earthstains"... I enjoyed working on this.

# 10 I have over 50 posts.

I am building a BLOG GIVE AWAY basket that 1 follower will get when I have 32 followers.. Only 3 to go. Today I am adding a vanilla bean. (I picked it up at Spoons and Spice on Saturday for you.) It is in zip lock bag. That is how I buy them.

I use vanilla sugar a lot for baking. To make my vanilla sugar I cut off the 2 ends of my vanilla bean. I slice down the side of the bean without going through both layers. I scrape out the seeds from inside the bean and put them in my container with 1 cup of sugar. Then I add the bean and shake it well. Now I add another cup of sugar. (You can add more if your container is bigger.) Wait at least (about) a week for the flavour to disperse. Shake it every once in a while.
To use it, remove what you need for your recipe from the jar, and replace the same amount into the jar. Shake.
(I have always wanted to make my own vanilla, but you need vodka. I just can not buy that. So I do this. I also make lavender sugar in the summer.)

So far in the basket there are glow in the dark stars, Crayola Model Magic Fusion (glow in the dark), Bath and Body Works hand soap, 1 pair Reflexology gloves, heart cupcake liners, Thank-you notes, Mr. Clean Magic eraser, 2 Scentsy car candles, can of spray Oust and a vanilla bean. I will add 5 more things this week. Come see what favourite things I have for you. (I will still add these things even if I get 3 followers TODAY ;)

Have a good Monday.


Rachel Washburn said...

I just emailed you back lol I would love to post the reciepe! Those blueberry pancakes look good I'm not a pancake person unless they have something in them so I will have to try those out. You made me want to go buy some fun shapes for pancakes maybe I will make them more if I have some :)

Emily said...

Sorry but I can't wait til you are done experimenting with pancakes and waffles. I only eat pancakes from Ihop and only because I smother them with their flavored syrup and even then I don't really like them much. And sometimes I like frozen waffles with peanut butter and syrup. But I am not a fan of homemade waffles or pancakes:(

Melissa said...

Very cool basket. Vanilla beans are very expensive and believe it or not, I cannot pick any up in NH. I had to buy one from Fresno and take it home with me last time I was here. You are adding some great things to your basket. I have never cooked anything with vanilla beans...but hope to soon! Keep up the good blog work.
PS. Post a new recipe soon. :)

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