Saturday, July 17, 2010


I don't care for the bulk brown sugar at Winco.  (I recently heard that brown sugar stays soft if you keep a few marshmellows in it.  I don't have that problem, but may try it anyway.)

After years of faithfully saving dead batteries and taking them to the recycling centre in Murray, I get a flyer that says recycle rechargables.  I KNEW that, so I called about the others.  They just get thrown away.  3 hours saved every year not going to the recycling centre  :)

On Monday nights you can buy 4 16oz. smoothies for $10.oo, at Jamba Juice.  Summer special from 4-8 p.m.

I was doing a salad bar one day and was out of crutons, so I used Logan's little cheese fish crackers.  They were great.  Low fat/low calorie, too

I have year round recipes that use sweetened condensed milk. (I love the Key Lime Margarita Pie that I posted.)  I buy what I need for the year when they go on salein November for holiday baking.  (I paid $.78 a can.)  BE SURE TO CHECK THE USE BY DATE.  I plan extra money for picking up baking items for the year during holiday time.

LEMI SHINE -  A hard water remover sold at Walmart for under $4.oo.  It really works great.  It is made for dishwashers, and made mine look new. 
I also tried the recipe for cleaning drains.  Into my kitchen sink I poured (in order) 1/3 cup LEMI SHINE, 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 cups water.  I don't know if it cleaned the drain, but the explosion was cool.  After the foam goes away, rinse drain well.
I also tried the spray, which worked great!  In a squirt bottle mix 1/8 cup LEMI SHINE and 8 oz. of water.  Spray on surface.  Let set if desired and rinse well.  CAUTION - Test to see if spray will cause damage in a smaal area.  Although this worked amazingly well on my bathroom granite, it seems to have left a whitiesh look.  (I will play with it when I get home.)  It worked super on shower doors.

My next post will be my "100th POST".  To commemorate (celebrate) I am having a contest.  The first week in August I will pick my "TOP 10" posts.  Guess what my favourite post is.  Comment on the most recent post with your guess.  The winner will get a set of 1/4" steel alphbet stamps and a package of washers (used for the washer necklaces and other craft stamping). 
I am also putting a set of the steel stamps and washers in "My Favourites" basket.  When my blog says that I have 60 followers, I will do a follower drawing of the contents of the basket of some of my favourite things.  If you post a vote for my favourite post and sign up to be a follower , you have 2 chances to win.


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Lindsay Quinney said...

I am going to guess your vintage books turned into photo albums is one of your favorites.

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