Tuesday, July 6, 2010


27 June - 4 July, 2010

"This, then, is the state of the union: free and restless, growing and full of hope.  So it was in the beginning.  So it shall always be, while God is willing, and we are strong enough to keep the faith."  Lyndon B. Johnson

#1  I am so grateful to be an American.  With all our the problems that our country and people face, I would choose no other place to live.  I love the United Stated of America.

#2  As much as I love America, I am very happy that there is a 50% chance that I am going to ...Australia.  THIS WEEK!  (And if I don't, I am just fine.)

#3  I got an extra week of my babysitting job.  (My total "earned" so far - $816.00.  HOWEVER, that includes insurance reimbursement, money kidults paid back and other checks from people for things I've picked up. ;D

#4  Mark has taken almost all of his stuff out of the garage.  THANK-YOU, MARK!

#5  I LOVED that Doug had a 3 day week-end.  We had time to be together (The flight to Australia is 30 hours.  Lots of time together:)  Doug and Mark also tore down the rotten shed at David and Lindsay's new house.

#6  I am having fun picking a book for our beach house/Disneyland trip.  (Did you remember that the person who recommends the book I choose, gets a prize?  These are the books under consideration at this point:

"THE HUNGER GAME" recommended by Emily (I do not think I will like this, so I have not read the first chapter.)
"DEATH OF A DENTIST" Leslie got this for me.  I love this series.  A good back-up.
"TARA ROAD" from LaRue.  648 pages, but I read the first chapter (79 pages) and am involved. 
"HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET" Gaylene brought this over.  The first chapter got my attention, and I enjoyed the word choices.
"LIFE OF PI" referred by David.  I read the first (very short) chapter.  I don't want to read a philosophical book on a beach trip, or a long long flight.
"AUSTENLAND" recommended on Noelle's blog (I have not seen this one, yet.)
"THE ALCHEMIST" recommended by Charles (see "Life OF PI" logic.)

If you have a favourite book or recommendation, hurry and post. 

#7  My in-laws make me happy.  Michael and Kate hosted a SUPER swim party on the 3rd.  The food was excellent and Uncle Michael did a great job with the firework show.  Held in the pool.  With people diving and sliding.  Stunts and stunt people involved, but not injured.

#8  My in-laws make me happy.  Grandma and Grandpa hosted the grandkids sleep-over.  It was fun (for most) and enjoyed by all.  The tents get set up in the back yard.  Grandpa tells his "scary" stories.  Grandma sleeps in their bed in case any  little ones need to come in ;)  The $ pancakes are a huge hit the next morning.  A favourite family tradition.

#9  I FINALLY compiled all of the house receipts/warranties/ worker info. etc. in to a binder and organized them.  Yea for me.



I'm Thankful for... said...

I SOOO agree with #10!!! Well with ALL of them actually!!! :)

Jamie Ford said...

Even though I wrote HOTEL, I gotta recommend HUNGER GAMES. Absolutely love that series. :)


Leslie said...

I had so much fun with the dive/slide/ring of fire. I barely even felt it burns:). Also, while hunger games is good you will not like it. Hmmm... I'll think of one... eventually.

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