Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"...the words that we read on the courthouse walls, and the words that make us free. 
and the more we remember the way we began, the closer we get to the best we can be."
from "America, America, and the dream goes on! by John Williams (one of my favourites)

#1  I have my first stamp on my passport.  AUSTRALIA!   (And I am so glad that I had a passport.  Planned and packed in 2 1/2 days.)  (Michael.  If you were current on my blog, you would know the kidults were telling the truth ;)

#2  The flight (premium economy) was o.k.  Food was very nice.  Seating was better than economy- but not as good as business. 

#3  Thank-you very much, Ashley (and Mark) for getting the ramekins for me at the Crate and Barrel outlet.  I have some ideas :)

#4  While looking for a book for the beach trip (at a thrift store), I found a never used stove top popcorn popper.  It will come in handy.  Soon.

#5  I am happy  that my trip to Australia happened the same time as Debbie had company.

#6  I happy that Doug really wanted me to come.  (It was a choice thing.  And he only wanted to come if I came :D

#7  I am happy I had so many book choices.  (I added another recommendation from Kate, and Leslie picked it up at the library for me.  It is called "A Toast to Murder"  by Michelle Scott.)  I have finished "TARA ROAD" and will write a review later.

#8  I am happy I had time to get a hair cut, and have Lindsay give me a perm.

#9  I am happy Kate had (and loaned me) electrical adapters and an Australia guide book.

#10  I am so happy to be alone with Doug.  Well, actually he is not with me during the day.  And he is not on vacation.  But we are alone.  Together.

I am happy to have internet access (and my computer) in our apt.  I brought a few recipes and pictures with me.


Lindsay Quinney said...

I am so happy you guys get to be in Australia. Yay for a stamp in your passport!

Emily said...

I'm glad you got to go! Still crazy to think about it!

Zion And Missy said...

so excited that you got to go to australia. hope you have a blast!!!

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