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11 July - 18 July, 2010
THIS IS MY 100th POST :D !

"Real rewards await those who choose wisely."  from "Indiana Jones" movie/ride

#1  I could use my computer in our apartment.

#2  Our apartment has a full kitchen.  This made me happy because food is quite expensive here and...

#3  ...I absolutely loved going to the Queen Victoria Market.  There were hundreds of vendors.  Meats and eggs from all kinds of critters, pastries, fruits, vegetables, shirts, shoes, jewelry.........  It takes about 45 mins. to get there, using the free Circle Tram.  I bought what I wanted to cook and carried it back.  (It took 2 hours to get back one day.)  It was so fun to hear the many many languages.  Most of the shoppers in the food areas were locals.  I broght back fresh pastas and sauces and bread.  And vegetables and eggs.  I also bought scones.  mmm.

#4  I enjoyed the Immigration Museum.  Like the
United States, Australia is a country of immigrants.  Like us, they were not welcomed with open arms.  We (America) are such a young country compared to Europe and Asia.  But Australia is about 100 years younger than us. 
I went to the library in the museum to see the records for my Grandpa Savage.  They said they had no records there.  Very sad to have the museum, the library, the computers, the information and the visitors - but no way or interest in personalizing it.

#5  Oh how I love the old architecture.  Much of it has been torn down.  The  city (in the past) has worked to be modern.  It is a modern and changing city, but there are still buildings that were built when the country was new.

#6  It is an international city.  So many languages.  I was on the tram one day talking to a young man from Thailand.  He was looking for the Commonwealth bank so he could open an account.  I told him which stop to get off and where to go.  He had been here 2 days.  (I had been here 3 ;)

#7  Because  of the many people here from other countries, there are many different restaurants. I had an Australian burger that included "tasty cheese", fried egg and beet root (beet) slices.
We went to an very expensive resturant with some of Doug's bosses.  The menu was Australian - and weird!  Black pudding?  Animal blood.  (There were lots more odd (to me) things.)  I ended up getting a salad and chili crusted fried chat potatoes.  They were good.
A panini in Australia is just a bread type.  It is not a grilled/pressed sandwich.
Fruit and herb mayonnaise are used alot.  And  I have tried several new pastas/sauces.  I will try some new things back home.
I went to "Teatoun" opened in the 1800s.  Did not get tea, but my sandwich was very good.  (Chicken, bacon, avacado and mango mayo.)

#8  At the market one day we met a man that carves bones into things that mean things.  (Can not figure out how to better explain.)  Much like the Welsh carved spoons have certain designs that mean certain things.  I bought a necklace with the meaning of "Family United".  He was a born Australian/Tongan.  He told me he liked U.S., but loved Australia.  (He has been to America for family reunions.)  When he he found out I was from Utah he told me 1/2 of Utah was Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), ans was I one?  I said yes.  He grinned and said he had been back 12 years from his 2 year mission to Tonga.  It was nice.
I also bought a pair of real rugby shorts for Mark.  Sorry Ashley:)

#9  We are here in winter.  Winter in Melbourne is wonderful.  (Many are cold and wear coats, scarfs, hats and gloves?  They look at me with no sweater.)  Great walking weather.  Oddly enough they keep telling us it is an unseasonably cold???

#10  Christine, the wife of a boss, took us out for the day.,  The other person wanted the back seat, so I got in the front while talking to Christine.  She commented on how American I was.  I agreed.  (I guess, I am?)  Then I realized I was sitting in the driver's seat.  Gotta say, this driving on the other side of the car and road from us is a bit disconcerting as a pedestrian/passenger.
We went to Queen Victoria Market, Brighton Beach (I got some sand) and to lunch at a fish place. It was a fun day.

#11  As we were in the Block Arcade (expensive mall in a very old building) a woman came up to us to ask if she could practice a blow away on us.  She was a very new comotology student.  I said yes.  She gave me a wonderful head massage as she washed my hair.  Then her teacher tuaght and helped her do the blow away and curl.  It took about an hour and felt and looked great.  I left the arcade to rain, and came home with it ruined :)  Still fun.

#12  I took my first taxi ride. 

#13  I am happy to have been alone with Doug for a week.  


Doug was gone to the office everyday.

I absolutely hated the "Old Melbourne Gaol" old jail crime and justice experience.  In each horrid 1800s cell there was the story of a person hanged and their death mask.  I did not even go to all the ones on the 1st floor.  And did not go up to the 2nd or 3rd or the Hanging galley.  There was a big display about Ned Kelly with replicasof his armour to try on for pictures or fun.  The whole thing felt evil, morbid and very sad.  (It was not my idea to go.  I tried to get out of it.)

Of course there are no koalas up in the trees in the city.  And I was not (at all) expecting to see kangaroos.  But still.  There are many tours available.  I did not take any.  I did buy a koala charm for my travel charm bracelet.
I bought an Australian bird book here.  (I love bird watching.)  The #1 bird I have seen?  SEAGULLS.  I can see seagull fights at home.  I saw 2 ravens and a pet cockatoo.  I did not need a book for that.

There is pretty much only sports on tv.  Boring to watch while I am curling my hair.


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Zion And Missy said...

I am so happy that you was a wonderful time in Australia. Back to the grind now, huh? :) I am looking for some good posts from you for easy summer (no oven) dinners. Can't wait to see what you pull out of your sleeve (or cookbook) on these! Have a great week!

Lindsay Quinney said...

I am glad you had so much fun! And so jealous. One day David and I will get there.

Anonymous said...
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