Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I buy Wednesday

This was an impulse buy.  I had planned to post something different today.

This is my cat, Lightning.  We found her hiding outside (in the snow) on New Years' Day, 2007.  She was about 1 month old and terrified.  It took us hours to find and catch the little one.

(She kept squinting when I took her picture.)
Lightning will not venture outside, but will spend hours in the windows, looking outside.
Which means constant and time consuming fur removal from drapes.  To more than one window and in more than 1 room.  It can never be done often enough.

I have tried using dryer sheets and damp/dry cloths.  I have tried lint rollers.  I have the blue roller thing by PLEDGE.  The blue PLEDGE thing is what I have used until now.   (It does not work as well and it is hard to get the fur off of the rollers.  Plus you must open it to remove hair, and get replacement rollers.) 

I bought my "FURemover MITT" (on impulse) at Walmart for $2.98.  It works great and fast.  It works best with some pressure on the other side (like a wall or window.  OR MY OTHER HAND :)  I am getting another one so I can do both sides of the drapes at the same time.  (The one I have is right handed so I will look for a left handed one, but a right  turned over is roomy enough to work.)  
The fur "glob" lifts right off so it is easy clean.  It can be used dry or damp.  I thought dry worked best.  The teeth/bristles/whatever are like silicone.
I really recommend this for pet hair.  (We have cat hair, but it shows dogs on the header.)

Since the ones for drapes will be well used, I am also getting one for (the less furry) furniture, and one for clothes (especially my husbands suits).  (I will try the new curtain one for those surfaces first.)
 I have not been contacted or compensated for my opinion or recommendation.    

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Such a great deal to finally get all that fur off the drapes!

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