Friday, August 12, 2011

A Couple of Summer Ideas

Any last minute summer fun planned?  My blog posts next week will be from New York City.  We are flying, of course, but I wanted to share a couple of summer ideas we used this summer while out and about.

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS had a great idea of using a cereal (storage) container for car garbage.  I stuck a few extra bags in the bottom.  Then I used a grocery bag to line the container and put the lid on.
We used this on our trip to Yellowstone this summer and I loved it.  (We put in wet diapers, banana peels, chewed gum (at least what did not fall on the floor :)  The pop open made of the lid made it easy to use and kept all odors inside.  This idea was a real find.

While we were waiting for lunch at a restaurant this summer, I noticed Hilary and Lincoln playing TIC TAC TOE.  With silverware and sugar packets.  It kept our wiggly Lincoln in his seat, and looked fun.
(I just learned she found the idea from...who found it from...  But I think this idea originally came from bedifferentactnormal.  It's a good one :)
 (Emily and Hilary are full of fun ideas.  While they were on a cruise this summer they played "Go Fish" (using credit cards, business cards, appointment cards - you know, stuff from a wallet :) with Lincoln while waiting in line for a midnight event.) 


Emily said...

Where did they play tic tac toe??? I missed that! But our "go fish" game was so hecka hilarious!!! Definitely a highlight of the cruise!

sbdunn said...

Those are such good ideas! Love it!

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