Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I like magnets.

Every time I travel I am tempted by the state magnets.  I sometimes start picking out the states we have been to, and mentally total the price-and put them back.

While Lindsay and Logan saw "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" in West Yellowstone, Doug and I walked around town with Brooklyn.  (Over 7000 steps that night :)  At one of the stores I found a large, metal United States map (18" x 24") for the state magnets.  It was $20.00 (without any magnets-$90.00 with magnets).  We (I ;) bought it.

In May I saw the very good idea of putting magnets on the wooden state puzzle pieces.  (Idea from caThiE.  Thank you.)  I bought mine on ebay and glued my magnets on in May. 
I only put on the states that Doug and I have visited together.  Plus Iowa and Wisconsin because I lived there as a child.


Mark had the VERY GOOD IDEA of getting the U.S. cut out of vinyl, and making my own.  I did not know how long that would take, so I bought this one. 

If you visit yard sales/thrift stores/$ stores,  keep your eyes open for metal signs.  I like to use these because the edges are finishes and the metal is usually sealed - and they are cheap.  I just spray paint them.
No wooden U.S. puzzles?  Just use a cardboard one.  They won't be getting a lot of play. 
And for an inexpensive map, check out scrapbook papers, on line or with school supplies.  (Have it sized for your metal board at a copy shop if you need to.)
Mod Podge the map to the board.
Mine is large, so I will be making a smaller one in the fall with vinyl U.S. outline.  (When the craziness of summer is passed.)

Another completed  project.  I am hanging it up in the grandkids room.

I made another piece of framed art that I hung in that room, too.  I will share it sometime this month.

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Pollyanna said...

Very Cool. I always wanted to do that, but had a folder with maps for the kids to color to represent their own travels instead. Glad you did it and happy traveling!!

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