Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Things That Made Me Happy

"You can do anything, but not everything".  David Allen

July 2011

#1  We just got back from a fun family trip to Island Park and Yellowstone.  Thank you so much, Mom and Dad. 
We got to see the Rexberg Temple on our drive up.  That was special as Doug and I met at Rick's College (in Rexberg)  33 1/2 years ago :)
We went to Yellowstone Park and hunted water falls.  We also hunted bears, but found none.  Logan kept asking people returning on the trail if they had seen one:)  (My mother in law told me bears are attracted to TWIZZLERS.  How do they figure that out?)

Michael and Kate took everyone to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat".  Thank you.  Lots.  Everyone enjoyed it.

We visited West Yellowstone, drove to Mesa Falls and went horseback riding.  (Not Me and Doug.  We cheered for Logan while he rode and then took Brookie and Logan back to the house.)

An unnamed grandson, newly toilet trained and VERY grossed out by the out houses, was pleased to go to the bathroom on the trees.  (Funny how boys are boys.)

#2   I loved playing rockets with Logan and the little boy cousins.  The snipes were fun, too.
We played games, indoors and out, and had a campfire. I took up a  left over pinata and candy from Cinco de Mayo. 
(I found a fun idea at   They had an "Invisible Pinata".  (Real candy, of course ;)  Real candy, real blindfold, real stick and real people to toss candy down.  Very fun and economical idea.)
It was a fun week.

#3  I took a project to work on while we were at Yellowstone (STORYTELLERS "Ancient Americas" (felt) flannel board set)  I got it all cut out AND had enough quiet time to start a new book :)

#4  Several weeks ago we awoke on a Saturday morning and found a pink flamingo on our front lawn.  It was left by person or persons unknown, but certainly took us back to Lindsay's high school years.  I have a pretty good idea where it came from ;)  (I was given a great clue:)
Logan always comments on Grandma's "Mango" when he comes over :)

#5  Elana and Layne (and Elana's sister) spent a couple of nights with us on their way back to Idaho from Arizona.  They had gone to see her brother graduate from college, and have a family vacation.  We were so glad to see them.  We miss them.

#6  I unpacked the games I loved playing with my children, to play with my grandkids.  It was great timing because Elana and Layne came for a couple of days and I had a grandson sleepover. 
We have been playing "Frog Hoppers", "Ship Shapes", "Barnyard Bingo", and our current favourite, "Pen the Pig".

#7  Mom and Dad gave us great tickets to the Pioneer Day Commemoration with The Tabernacle Choir and Brian Stokes Mitchell.  I really enjoy him.  Emily went with with Doug and me and we all enjoyed it.

#8  We saw a super fireworks display on 25 July.  A neighbor owns several stands shares everything he has left with the neighbors.  (I watched them from our front porch while we waited for Elana.  Everyone else walked our to enjoy the show.)

#9  I got to go to Cub Scout camp, and  I got to go on Space Camp day.  I love space and had fun with our scouts.     

#10  I saved the best for last.  My mom had 2 family things that I have wished for for a long while.  The first in a tin type photo Of my Great Great Grandma holding my Great Grandma, when she was a baby.
The other thing is my Great Grandpa's small birth book, written in German at the time of his birth in 1891.
I was surprised when a box arrived from my mom with both treasured items.  These are all the gifts I want from my mom for the rest of my life.  These are of enormous sentimental value to me.  I am touched by her generosity and will preserve and care for them.  Thank you, Mom.
My Great Grandpa Walde's birth book.
The tin photo did not photograph well.
And part of my Great Great Grandma's is not in the picture.
I am so happy to have this.


Zion And Missy said...

That was nice of your mother to send you those sentimental items. What a great treasure! Sounds like you had a fun filled week!!

Lindsay Quinney said...

It was a fun trip. The pinata was so much fun. Every time I picture dads face I laugh!

Emily said...

Loved the choir concert! I downloaded several of the songs to listen to on my phone:)

Emily said...

Also... I was excited to see the books and games from my childhood out!

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