Monday, August 22, 2011

Planning Our Menu (or What We are Eating)

Some of my family really loves fish.   I can take it.  Or leave it.  Usually I cook salmon.  I buy mine at Sam's Club, divide it and freeze it. 

When I cook salmon I start with one of my 3 go to seasonings.  Brown sugar.  Lemon pepper. And Cajun seasoning. (blackened).

I have 3 cooking methods.  In the oven.  On the grill, or in the crock pot.  Using the grill or crock pot keeps the smell outside (as long as you eat it out there, too;) 
Cooking in the crock pot is a great way to keep your house cooler with summer weather, but the crock pot itself gives off heat (and does not contain that fishy smell.  I just take mine outside and plug it in on the patio.

I never cook frozen fish.  This is a big thing to me.  (You can do whatever you want.)  I never cook frozen fish.  It makes a difference (to US) in the texture of the fish.  I use defrosted or right from the store. (not fresh I'm sure)


When you cook your fish in a crock pot, it will be wrapped in foil, and in a single layer.  I like to have the base of my crock pot match the base (in size) of my piece of fish.

Start by laying out a large (enough) piece of sturdy foil (or doubled foil).

Next I spread about 1 table. of softened butter on the foil to the size of my fish piece.  (You could use your preferred fat.  I like the flavour of butter.) 
Then I season the butter.  I sprinkle the Cajun seasoning (or lemon pepper or brown sugar) over the butter on the foil..

Because I am NOT turning my crock pot fish over during the cooking process, I PUT THE UGLY SIDE OF THE FISH DOWN ON THE FOIL.

Then I butter the top of the fish, and season the top.

Wrap the foil as you would for a tin foil dinner and put in to the crock pot.
Put your fish pack into the crock pot with NO water or other liquid.  (You do not need to spray your crock pot, either.)

Cook on low for about 2 hours (My fish is about 1 inch thick and not frozen when I start.)

Easy.  Cooler than the oven.  Can keep the smell outside :)
Crock Pot Salmon


Emily said...

One of my favorite meals!!<s

Emily said...

No clue what the <s is....

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