Thursday, November 11, 2010


Dear Bloggers, local craft stores, local television idea shows, magazines and Martha Stewart,

Thank-you for a great Halloween.  I loved the crafts, recipes and decorating ideas I tried this year.  (And I liked the one I did not have time to make, but loved looking at.  Actually, I did not want to make some of them.  Too gross.  Did you see the spider sacks? :O

I appreciate all the generous ideas and referrals to other ideas.  Thank-you for sharing.
I am looking forward to a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

My costume/craft for the Johnson Family party

It worked great to put a (cheap) window light
in a wreath.

A fun "eyeball" bracelet and earrings
Idea from

It was fun to make these owl treats
idea from
We really did a lot of fun stuff. 


Bits and Pieces said...

I think the owl desserts are so cute! And they were delicious!

Emily said...

I heard they were penguins:)

Melanie said...

I feel like I get a sneak peak some of the things your going to post about because of the shared photo editing account I have with Hilary and Lindsay.

So when I saw those owl cupcakes a few days ago I about died over them. They are so stinking cute!

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