Tuesday, November 2, 2010


"I will make a difference because of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

24 October - 31 October, 2010


#1  Doug got/took another Monday off and got most of the yard winterized. 

#2  We had a fun ward (church) fall/Halloween party.  I helped (hid behind) the fishing booth.  It was fun.

#3  We had our play group Halloween party on Wednesday (for play group).  IT WAS VERY FUN.  We had jack-o-lantern grilled cheese sandwiches, orange cup fruit bowls, apple slices with caramel, and the kids made Halloween cookies.  (This was the least exciting part ;)

We fished for prizes, put the heart in the skeleton and had the kids wrap themselves as mummies.  The kids were wild as they laughed and replayed the games.
Then we made (cereal box) Haunted Houses.  So fun.

#4  On Thursday I got to watch Layne, Samantha, Kate and Benjamin in their Halloween parade at the school.  This was Layne's first school Halloween parade.

#5  On Friday we continued the tradition of taking Logan trick-or-treating at Grandpa's office.  (Grandpa is a good sport about it.  He so hates Halloween.  BUT, wait until you see what I got him to dress up as.)
#6  I loved "fake" Halloween.  (Saturday night, in Utah.)  Every single kidult and grandchild (minus Lincoln who is in CA. plus Christy) came at some point for dinner.  YEA!

#7 ( I made my Big Cookie chocolate cake for dinner at Mom and Dad's on Sunday.  The one where I use black beans for the oil.  Which is not what #7 is about.  When I made the cake on Sunday morning, I said to Doug, "I wonder if I will ever not say "I love silicone"?")  Anyway, I have been using coupons to get the Wilton silicone cupcake holders for baking.  I have the bears, the flowers and the hearts.  (I do want the regular pastel set, but not for cupcakes.) 
Although I bought them for cupcakes, so far I have only used them for freezing my black and white bean purees.  Each cupcake form is 1/2 cup.  I fill the shape to the top and freeze on a tray.  When they are frozen, they easily peel out.   (Then I put each in it's own bag.)  I love silicone.     

#8  I am enjoying subbing pureed beans for my fat in baking.  On 10 May, 2010 I posted a cookie recipe, "Magic...Cookies" (from http://karaskitchencreations.blogspot.com/.  She calls them Donna's Heavenly Cookies.  I changed the name because they are like Magic Bars, and I don't know Donna:)
Anyway, I made these substituting bean puree.  Although they lost a bit of the magic when I took out the butter, they were still very good.  I love cutting the fat, and being able to store, BEANS as OIL.

#9  On Sunday we got to hear Quinneys talk in their new ward.  They did a great job.  It was nice to visit their ward, and sit with Logan.

#10  Are you curious what I got Doug to dress up as?  (Still not too willingly ;)
Thank-you to Spencer, who gave this to us.  Yes, it can be borrowed.  It already went to Special Needs Mutual's Halloween Dance.  And, of course, Grandma and Grandpa's party.  Thank-you for humouring me, dear.

I am posting a much requested recipe for throw back Thursday.  AND I will share what is in my "FAVOURITEs BASKET" for a follower drawing when I reach 60 followers.  I am also posting my final Halloween blog this week :)

I am trying to learn how to organize my recipes on my blog to make it easier.  If you have any ideas, let me know .

ARE YOU HOPING TO SELL SOME CRAFTS TO EARN CHRISTMAS MONEY?  We are hoping to have a full boutique in Sandy, UT on Saturday, 13 November.  For committed booths, check the post before this one.
I will, for sure, have Halloween put away.  And hopefully some Thanksgiving/Christmas up.  (I like Christmas up by Thanksgiving.)
It should be a fun day.  Call, post or email info.
Only 10 days left to craft.

And, of course we want shoppers/buyers and even lookers (and tasters :)  Write us down in your dayplanner/calender/cell phone. 


Leslie said...

The kids had so much fun at the Halloween party Wednesday. Pin the Heart on the Skeleton was the biggest hit. They were laughing so hard they had a hard time walking. We probably didn't even really need the blindfold. Thank you so much for planning and putting it all together mom.

Lindsay Quinney said...

Logan loved trick or treating at dads work. Holy cow he was running around like a mad man! What a fun Halloween week we had!

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