Friday, November 19, 2010


My sister-in-laws Relief Society (women's church group) is doing a fun activity Tuesday night.  They all chose (and paid for) the kinds of pies they want to make (for Thursday) and are getting together to "assembly line" them.  Fun, huh!

I am having my book club at my house on December 1st, so have lots of Christmas up already.  (I like the trees up by Thanksgiving anyway ;-)  I do have a few things up for Thanksgiving.

I LOVED this idea and FREE PRINTABLE from  You can print it from her 12 November, 2010 post.  THANK-YOU VERY MUCH, craftily ever after.  (The lighting is bad because I only have the tree lights on.)

This was a cheap and easy table display.  The flower arraingment is made with artificial flowers.  They are in a paper bag that has been folded down, tied with raffia and spray painted.  (Inside is a block of florist foam.)  Plus, it was a gift :)
The lone pumpkin is still here from Halloween (waiting to be used for seeds and pumpkin).  The "give thanks" was picked up at the thrift store-last year.  And the GIANT zuccini was grown, and then allowed to keep growing, by my husband and son (in-law).


Jessica said...

Thanks for linking to my printable! I'm so glad you like it!! It looks great in your house. :)

Lindsay Quinney said...

I love the way your table looks. And that Thanksgiving thing you printed looks great too!

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